7 Signs You Have A Borderline Unhealthy Attachment To Technology


Technology. We grew up with it. It’s all we know. We’re digital children. We grow up talking to our friends on AOL and AIM. We set away messages telling our peers that “We were eating dinner.” “Off to the mall.” “BRB.” Except today, we don’t take a break from it. We are constantly there. We are constantly attached to our phones and technology. Us millennials, we love our technology. But do you ever question if you need to take a step back from it?

1. You can’t be without it.

You’re that person who always is on your phone. Okay, honestly that’s almost everyone in this day and age. But your phone is attached to your hand whether you like it or not. Your phone is never too far from you.

2. You try to limit your technology but you can’t.

You promise that you’re going to spend less time on your phone, less time snap chatting, on social media. But truth is, you can’t. You’re addicted. Your words mean little because you never actually follow through.

3. You let social media dictate your life.

You document everything you do. If it’s not on social media it didn’t happen. So you make sure that everyone knows exactly what you are doing and how much fun you are having. Some things are better left to the imagination. Not everyone needs to know what you’re doing, all the time.

4. You let “likes” and “follows” determine your happiness.

You let the likes on a picture determine how you feel about yourself for the day. If so and so didn’t watch your story, like that picture, it wasn’t even worth it. That isn’t what social media is for. Sure, it’s easy to fall into a trap and negative thinking. You should post pictures and things you like. It’s cool if other people like it, but them not liking something (maybe not even SEEING it) shouldn’t make or break your day.

5. You ignore what’s going on around you.

Ever been at a party and look around and everyone’s sitting on their phones? Sometimes we all need to document something funny, or some really cool drink, but socialization should not be based solely on our phones. Like I said, we live in a social media bubble and era, but there’s so much going on around us. Make an effort to be present. I don’t see my friends all the time. I try to NOT use my phone when I’m with people I actually want to see and spend time with.

6. You have to constantly get the newest technology.

You had to get the newest IPhone. The new Apple watch? Got it. Technology is cool. I get it. Make sure you’re getting it because you truly want it. Not just to be “cool” or keep up with everyone else. Or to brag about it on social media to all your followers.

7. It impacts your relationships.

Are you even listening to the people around you talk as you scroll through your Instagram feed and don’t make eye contact? Don’t be rude. Have a conversation and live. Relationships go further than technology and a screen.

Technology is great. It has done so much for us and we have the world at our fingertips. While this is great, it sometimes clouds our judgment. It sometimes hurt the actual relationships and people in front of us. Be aware of unhealthy attachment to technology and try to do better. Put your phone away at dinner, go out for a walk, and enjoy life, beyond that little screen.