7 Signs You Like The Attention More Than The Person


1. You aren’t interested in learning more about them. You could talk to them for hours — but you wouldn’t want to listen to them for hours. You have zero interest in their hobbies or interests or stories. But you want them to be hanging onto every word you say. You want them to be excited to hear about your every thought and opinion.

2. You’re happiest when they’re complimenting you. You get frustrated if you put in the time and effort to dress up, only for them to ignore you that day. You want them to compliment you. You want them to hit on you. You want them to express their desire for you. Your conversations with them aren’t that exciting unless they’re flirting, unless they’re making it clear they’re interested in pursuing you.

3. You care deeply about what they think of you. You want them to like you. You want them to be attracted to you. You want them to laugh at your jokes and comment cute emojis underneath all of your social media photos. You spend much more time worrying about how they perceive you and whether they like you than asking yourself whether you actually like them back.

4. You’re excited to hear from them, but you get bored of them quickly. You get butterflies when they text you becasue that means they’ve been thinking of you. It means they miss you. It means you’ve been doing something right. But if the conversation lasts a little too long, you get bored. You don’t really want to talk to them. You just want them to want to talk to you.

5. You only talk to them when it’s convenient for you. If you’re busy with friends or are trying to catch up on sleep or aren’t in the right mood, then you ignore them. You don’t care about hurting their feelings. You don’t care about missing out on the chance to connect. But if you reach out to them and they ignore you, you freak out. You feel insecure. You dwell on your every flaw and wonder whether there’s something wrong with you.

6. You don’t feel pretty unless someone is telling you how pretty you are. You need validation in order to feel good about yourself. You need someone to reassure you that you’re attractive and fun and intelligent. If you’re not hearing those words from someone, anyone, then you get into a funk. Even though you might not realize it, you’re pretty much using this person for an ego boost. You’re using them as proof that you’re sexy, and that you’re worthy of being loved.

7. You’re willing to drop them for anyone else who gives you attention. Thinking about life without them is hard — unless there’s someone around to take their place. If there’s another person willing to give you the same type of attention they’ve been giving you, then you wouldn’t really miss them once they were gone. You would be fine parting ways. It sounds mean to admit, but they’re completely replacable to you.