7 Signs You’re An Engineer During Finals Week


1.) You start to derive when you clearly should be integrating:

But really, how could you make such a mistake? You stare back at your paper trying to figure out how you could’ve possibly done such a horrendous deed. Should I go back to Calculus 1, am I okay?

2.) Everything you see starts to turn into a physics, statics, or optimization problem:

You’re taking out the garbage and you start to swing your bag around. Oh wow this looks like a pendulum problem, I should draw a force diagram for it!

Your roommate drops her pen with an initial velocity… ugh can we VkNOT.

3.) You have or are in the process of calculating the minimum grade you need on this final to receive the grade you desire in a course:

Did you have to look up this equation? Of course not, it’s not analytics. You have most definitely pulled out your syllabi and scanned eagerly for the percent weights which applied into your mathematical formulation.

4.) You have calculated your GPA multiple times in best and worst case scenarios:

I’m going to be really generous this time and give myself an A here *punches rapidly into calculator* oh okay I like that. *punches rapidly into calculator* alright this one, not so much.

5.) All of your engineering courses start to mix together:

You’re working through a practice exam and all of a sudden you realize how to solve the problem through code. You flip open your laptop (PC of course) to MATLAB and start punching away… But wait, this isn’t your coding class.

6.) You avoid outside majors since their lack-of-finals discussions makes you grimace:

It absolutely killed you sitting in the dining hall listening to those two girls talk about how they were going home tomorrow because all they have to do is hand in their take-homes!! I mean, what is a take-home anyway? Are we still in the 1st grade?

7.) You have made a new clan of engineering buds who will get you through it:

Engineering buds – a group of people with a strong common interest (to excel in the engineering world by surviving finals week.)