7 Simple Happiness Tips For People With Seasonal Depression


As the rain starts to kick in and we start to lack sun, a lot of us naturally start to get more “under the weather”. Here are 7 things to do to help yourself stay up:

1. Be around good lighting.

Buy some candles, hang up Christmas lights in your room, get some extra lamps- make sure you are surrounding yourself with light at all times. The darkness will add dullness to your spirit.

2. Two words- RETAIL. THERAPY.

Dark weather calls for clothes that make you feel confident. Go splurge, buy too many pairs of shoes and jackets that make you feel good about yourself.

3. Surround yourself with feel good movies.

Watch movies that have a lot of connection in them; don’t watch too many romance movies that leave you sobbing, but watch movies that are about family, unity, even a good action with an inspirational story line. Feed your brain good thoughts.

4. Be around positive people.

Remember, people are like light too. The people you surround yourself with will either help you to glow, or they will reflect darkness.

5. Give yourself activities.

Set a goal, write a novel, read a novel, take a painting class, do something that will feel rewarding and also give you the space and time you need to think about thing other than your sad emotions.

6. Exercise.

If you don’t already love working out, it may take some adjusting. The endorphins you release from working out will have such a positive impact on your emotions and overall state. You should probably join a gym, so you don’t have to spend too much time in the weather that makes you feel muggy.

7. Spoil yourself.

Aside from retail therapy, make sure you are meeting your every need. Go get a massage, constantly make yourself tea or coffee, cook yourself delicious meals, cave into your cravings and dive into temptation (advent calendars and all things sweet?? Remember you’re working out, it’s ok). Bottom line, take care of yourself.