7 Simple Ways To Look Cute While Traveling


On previous travels, I have always found myself packing and dressing for function rather than fashion. It seems logical while preparing for a trip but when I find myself in the university district of Seoul looking like a soccer mom amongst the gorgeous fashionistas of South Korea, I start to regret my choices. Here are a few ways I have found to look cute while traveling without sacrificing too much time or space in my suitcase.

1. Bold Lip Color

Traveling around with your entire makeup bag can be a drag but bringing the bare essentials may leave you feeling self-conscious on a night out. With one boldly colored lip product, you can transform your face despite the lack of other products. Don’t reserve it only for evenings at the club either. Throwing on some noticeable lip color while sightseeing will make you look put-together, even while wearing your most saddest travel outfits.

2. Up-Dos

Travel, especially to hot and humid locations, is not a very hair-friendly activity. When backpacking through Europe, I logically left behind my straightener and curling iron and was left with a puffy, frizzy mess in all of my photos. If styling your hair makes you feel more confident and pretty while traveling, school yourself on some fancy up-dos before your trip. Fish tails, French braids and twists can all be utilized to up your travel appearance and keep that hair out of your face while on the go.

3. Hair Accessories

Like I mentioned before, a lack of hair products and tools can really put a damper on your travel look. Luckily, bringing along just one or two cute hair accessories can change the tune of your entire outfit. Pack a stylish headband or bandanna to keep your hair looking sleek and under control. Even a hat can work well to keep your locks in check and make you look more fashion conscious than you really are. They will keep you warm or keep the sun out of your eyes too!

4. Jewelry

I know you’re trying to conserve space in your bag but one pair of dangly earrings and some bangles won’t take up much room. Actually, by wearing them throughout the journey, they won’t take up any space in your bag at all. Allow yourself to look like that traveling gypsy, goddess that you imagined by spicing up your wardrobe with a little color and sparkle.

5. Fashionable Souvenirs

If you really want to figuratively “kill two birds with one stone,” turn your souvenirs into fashion accessories. The markets you will encounter will be filled with traditional clothing, jewelry and bags. By purchasing treasures that you can wear, you will save space in your bag, look beautiful on your travels and appear like the exotic traveler that you are when you return back home.

6. Simple Dress

A simple dress can do absolute wonders while traveling. Think a basic, comfortable and well fitting one from American Apparel or UNIQLO. This piece can be dressed up, down, for warm weather or cold and will always be in style due to its neutral nature and ability to be accessorized.

7. Layers

Speaking of the simple dress, layers are an absolute must for creatively showing off your style. Depending on how you work your layers, one outfit could turn into ten different ones by adding scarves, jackets, vests, leggings and t-shirts.

When traveling, fashion isn’t inherently important. What is important however, is how you feel. Our clothes and appearance affects our moods and if we are feeling confident and beautiful, it allows us to be more open to people, opportunities and experiences. By finding simple and easy ways to incorporate style into your journeys , function and fashion can go hand in hand.