7 Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now


I am probably going to go deaf by the age of 35 because all I’ve been listening to lately is pounding techno at extremely high volumes. So, apologies to all the people who have to sit next to me on the subway/in coffee shops! I mean I’ve always loved electronic music, or music with an electronic twist, so I suppose it makes sense that this is how my musical palette would develop.

Here are seven dope electronic-tinged tunes you will love. Some are super chill, others are pretty freakin ribald. Just please don’t fist pump to them in public.

“Decal,” Nick Höppner


Nick Höppner is a resident DJ at Berlin’s Berghain nightclub and also the manager of the club’s ridiculously awesome Ostgut Ton label. “Decal” is the last track on Höppner’s “Red Hook Soil” EP and it is a banger. Deep, insistent pounding from the kick drum with layers and layers of other sounds woven together to make a complex piece of electronic music that is as artistic as it is danceable. Shit really pops off at 1:30.

“Bring The Noize,” M.I.A.


It’s easy to get tired of M.I.A. but she’s been gone for a minute now so it’s cool for her to come back. This song is classic M.I.A. gold — literally. The video is coated in gold. From her forthcoming record Matangi.

“Let’s Kiss,” Mirage


This one is less of a club jam and more like something you would just chill out/have sex to. It’s a beautiful track with an awesome use of autotune.

“Dekire (feat. Oscar Key Sung),” Charles Murdoch


Get ready for Charles Murdoch, the Australian-born UK based producer of downtempo electronic gems. “Dekire” sounds like that awesome indie R&B/electro stuff that’s popping up all over now, and gives you a taste of what’s to come on his forthcoming “Weathered Straight” EP.

“Dark Maneuvers,” Envoy


You know how you are at the club and you are kind of ready to go but every time a new song comes on you’re just like, “Ok, one more song” and that “one more song” becomes an additional three hours? Well! I was trying to leave a club once when this 1996 classic gem came on. I was in a pool of sweat, literally at the door to the club when the DJ spun this. I ran back upstairs as fast as possible and stayed, like, I don’t even know how much longer.

“Valleys,” Tokyo Hands


“Valleys,” from North Carolina producer Tokyo Hands, is cloudy and minimalist but packed with beautiful sonic textures. For some reason I love cloudy music. From his forthcoming EP Islands.

“Great feat. Echo Ranks (Andy Stott Remix),” Hatti Vatti

[protected-iframe id=”7af6273c219bdb266392281d648fe06f-7369149-39780715″ info=”http://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/xrbphn” width=”584″ height=”390″ frameborder=”0″]
Hatti Vatti feat. Echo Ranks – Great (Andy… by dubshelter

Andy Stott is one of my favorite producers, but this remix takes him to a whole new level. It’s dance music that is as pretty as it is sure to get your body moving all kinds of funny ways. The chords at 3:10 will haunt you and the beat drop that follows right after is like no other. That’s what so interesting about dance music: sure there’s almost always a kick drum and we know that dance songs typically mimic a heartbeat or a walking pace. The beauty is in how many different and often surprising ways electronic music producers interpret those basic sonic elements.

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