7 Steps To Ensure That He Wants A Second Date With You


Meeting a guy that fits in your Prince Charming stereotype doesn’t happen every day. If you are lucky enough to find the right candidate, you’d very much like to be more than a one-night stand for him. It’s not necessary to be a superwoman to achieve this goal, but pretending to be one is required. As the Roman proverb noted, Caesar’s wife must not only be honest but must also be seen to be honest. Well, let’s change honest for outstanding.

The very first thing that all women need to learn in order to leave guys hanging on them is the importance of making the difference. It’s not that difficult to impress men, but it’s crucial to actually be the most impressive woman that they’ve ever met. So, sticking to this basis, let’s go through some tips that you should put on practice immediately after going down with him for the first time.

1. Don’t ask for a second date. NO, NO and NO! There is no other thing that lowers more their excitement than knowing that they can take you for granted. So don’t you dare to ask whether you might be seeing each other again or not — but be smart enough to make sure that he does! Talking in front of him (with a friend on the phone, for example) about random plans that you’ve already made usually works.

2. Make him call. If you didn’t get the chance to arrange a second date while you were together, then you will have to work hard promoting yourself. Posting pictures of your super cool lifestyle has been proved to be the most effective way, but texting him — always SHORT messages — is also to be considered. As soon as he remembers how hot you are, he would be desperate to have you around!

3. Casually leave a personal item at his place or in his car. And better if it’s a part of your underwear – he might even get an erection smelling it deeply. If you are not carrying any spear bra or panties and you don’t feel like going without wearing any, just leave your earrings or your lipstick – something that he can label as yours.

4. Behave like a business woman. Even if you are not one, pretend that you have the busiest agenda of the whole city. Show him that meeting again would be just another activity in your very tight schedule — even if you have absolutely nothing to do during the next days-. That way he will understand that he is not as hot as a Greek Adonis and that you are actually not dying for his kiss.

5. Make ‘creativity’ become your second name. One he has asked you out a second time, don’t hesitate to take the advantage and immediately suggest what to do on this date. The more original you are, the more impressed he will be. Sure he won’t be expecting you to suggest going kayaking, taking part on a paint-ball game or watching a windsurf competition — that’s why these are perfect options. But if you prefer to stick to the classics… how about spending a night in a fancy hotel in the countryside? Either way, make him realize that you are anything but boring.

6. Be in charge. You are the busy one and also the one taking the initiative, remember? So keep doing it and be the one that sets the time and the place. Oh, and you may need to text him saying that you casually have some unexpected thing to do before your meeting and that you will be late — and don’t dare to ask whether he’s okay with that or not. As if you cared!

7. Goal accomplished, phone off. Once you have arranged to meet again, switch off your phone. It’s a drastic method, but this way you will ensure that you don’t text him too much — he doesn’t need to learn the story of your life by hard — or that you don’t send him silly voice notes when you are drunk. Deleting his chat or his previous calls are also ways of keeping the temptation of talking to him away from you.

After you have followed all these steps, your guy won’t want just a second date – he’d be dying for more. Make sure that you have enough plans in mind to satisfy his wild side!

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