7 Steps To Socially Recover From Anorexia


I didn’t mean to become anorexic, I really didn’t.

I was a nervous wreck who was going through countless pressures, wishing to gain control of her life. My eating was the only thing I felt like I could control and well, after about ten months I was 5’5” and 90 pounds.

If you don’t know what that looks like, picture a skeleton with skin.. that was me. I was loosing clumps of hair, I couldn’t smile even when I tried, my knees buckled hen I stood still and I had to sit on pillows so that my butt bones wouldn’t bruise. It was so disturbing I avoided mirrors.

But that was nine months ago, and now I am successfully (and finally) recovered. That isn’t to say I am confident all the time, or perfect… but who is?

I am at the stage that I can talk about the journey and well, smile at the fact that I have come so far that I can look back.

But I did screw up my life in more way than one… And that is what I am trying to currently correct. Socially I made myself an outcast. I distanced myself from friends to avoid their concerns. Made friends with strangers who didn’t previously know what I looked like so they wouldn’t known how unnaturally skinny I was. But as I gained weight I was afraid they would judge me so I distance myself from them… Deciding I missed my old life and am ready to return.

Maybe the world is small and you’re reading this thinking you are in the same situation or about to be… In that case I made a list. So you know… you can go: OMG SAME. And we can be virtual friends. Or not.

But here it is, the 7 steps to getting your social life back, at least what embarrassingly enough is working for me.

1. Reactivate your Facebook.

Yup, believe it or not we all rely on Mark in this century… trust me once you post healthy pictures, you will get the likes necessary to qualify as “cool”.

2. Get a job.

I recommend customer service. I work in a restaurant and apparently social skills are lost once not practiced… so practice.

3. Go eat.

In a restaurant. And smile and say thanks and say how good it tastes and keep it down. At first you will feel like shit. Than you will realize social eating is actually fun. You can start with sushi. I started with alcohol… Don’t.

4. Tinder.

It sounds dumb. And no you don’t even need to meet these people. But share quick burst of convo. It’s a confidence booster and will teach you to think fast and reply briefly. Its social practice and acceptance of rejection.

5. Get a role model.

A fit, healthy one that you can look up to.

6. Have a fashion icon.

Key word healthy. NO runway models. My choice was Vanessa Hudgens. Simply due to taste. They will become what you base your clothes off of… You need the new clothes… the old ones can be donated… ASAP.

7. Ready, Set, Go.

New clothes, new confidence, connections. Trust yourself. People will want you back in their lives and will be surprised you recovered. They will welcome you back with open arms. Trust me on that one.

Best of luck and remember… It only feels impossible until it has been done.

And lastly, don’t overthink… try your best to live simply… you will feel free.