7 Stone Cold Ways Winter Camping Will Bitch Slap You Right In The Face


Camping during the winter season is not everyone’s first choice for a winter activity. Most people seek refuge indoors with their hot cocoa, wool blankets, and their favorite television shows. Yet, camping during winter can be a great trial-and-error experience and offers us an interesting form of insight that camping during warmer seasons does not. That being said, here are 7 hilarious lessons winter camping can teach you.

1. Winter gear is expensive.

Okay, so not really hilarious. But laughing about that $300 sleeping bag sure does make you feel better about not being able to afford it.

2. You are not invincible.

If you are not able to afford the best winter gear but your love for sleeping outdoors is greater than actually having a good night’s rest, you will learn you are no longer an immortal being. Nature will humble you and it will humble you hard.

3. Mornings are just the worst.

Not because they are mornings but because from the moment you slip out of your warm sleeping bag into the icy air, every inch of your body is screaming “PLEASE, GOD. NOOOOO. HAVE MERCY.” And that just makes it difficult to be a functional human being.

4. Bringing your dog or anything that can add to your lack of body heat is beneficial.

Snuggle up to that stranger in the woods if you have to. Not for the comradery or potential romantic relationship but for survival. A campfire can only help so much and socialization in any form is just an added bonus. Serious times call for serious measures, my friends.

5. The cold does something funky with your personality.

People are more interesting when they are cold. Cold weather slows people down but it also has them make weird noises and hop around trying to regain heat of some kind (maybe these are just my friends…). They also talk less, which can be nice.

6. Food has never tasted so good.

If you are frugal, your camp food can end up being pretty bland. But no matter what kind of cook you are, shivering really works up an appetite. By the time you have returned to your campsite, your taste buds are begging for some dehydrated meals.

7. You learn most people do not choose to camp during winter for a reason.

Your friends and family may question whether or not you are a masochist for camping in cold weather but you just smile and show them a picture of you with a pained expression and beautiful, snow-capped mountains in the background. Is suffering a little worth it? Absolutely.