7 Struggles Of An Extremely Organized Person


1. You’re constantly making lists

On your computer, on your phone, in your planner. You feel like half of your life is spent writing lists of things you can’t forget to do. Not to mention, the exhilaration of crossing to-do’s off your list is unbeatable.

2. Speaking of planners, you would have a breakdown if you lost yours

It’s a little crazy to think one’s life can be fit into a small notebook filled with dates and blank lines, but it’s possible. The thought of losing all of your dates and events gives you the shivers. But, truth be told, you have backup copies of your schedule saved in your GoogleCalendar.

3. You have a love-hate relationship with packing

On one hand, you get to organize, clean, and take inventory of so many products. But on the other hand, you get stressed out trying to keep everything organized in a giant suitcase. I mean, your make-up can’t be tossed in the same section as your electronic chargers. It just can’t.

4. You never really shake the anxious feeling of forgetting something

Even though you’re always righting down to-do lists, filling in important dates on your calendar, and making notes of things you can’t forget, you never really get rid of the feeling that you’re forgetting some crucial detail of your life. That irritating hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach becomes the bane of your existence.

5. You constantly reorganize your closet or bathroom

There is a such a simple joy in having a very clean and orderly area. Plus, it’s so much fun to think of new ways to organize clothing and beauty products. ~cue Pinterest fails~

6. People who allow trash to collect at the bottom of their purses are the worst kind of people

They honestly make you cringe. I clean out my purse at least once a day and place all my receipts in my wallet, loose change in my coin purse, and any loose make-up back in my vanity. People who allow residue to gather in their purses for months on end are the absolute worst.

7. No one understands the struggle of being inside your mind

Whether it’s a spot on your laptop screen or a forgotten task bouncing around your mind, no one can truly sympathize with you when you say “your disorganization is giving me a migraine” or “I have a list for that!”