7 Struggles Of Being A Fiercely Independent Hopeless Romantic


1. You are most likely single because you don’t need anyone to help you get things done and you have a stellar set of friends who you love to be around. That being said, it would be nice if there were a special someone around to offer their help every once in a while. You would probably say no thanks to the offer, but it’s the thought that counts. The fact that someone would be willing to go out of their way to make your life easier makes you feel super special – and you look forward to making them feel special too.

2. When you see a couple being overly cutesy together you can’t help but feel simultaneously disgusted and jealous. At times you feel like bursting into tears because you are so frustrated that part of you wants something that the other part of you finds borderline repulsive. Your verbal response in these situations is usually “aweee..eww,” but at the end of the day, you are glad that two people were able to bring each other a little bit of happiness in this crazy world.

3. Your confidence and directness can be intimidating to potential suitors, but you would much prefer someone approach you in person rather than message you through a dating app. You find it attractive when someone is willing to take a chance despite the possibility of being rejected. You are progressive, but a little old-fashioned in this sense –you want someone to try and impress you, just as you plan to impress them.

4. You say things like ‘honestly, I don’t care’ and ‘I’ll never find someone,’ but you do and you will. It takes you longer to warm up to people, but once you decide you want someone in your life you make it happen. It isn’t likely you’ll show your softer side right away, but it’s definitely there.

5. You don’t need someone to text you all day long, but waking up to a good morning text or getting a random “thinking of you” or “miss you,” text puts a smile on your face for the rest of the day. Yes, you acknowledge the cheesy-ness of these messages, but who doesn’t want to know that they are on their crush’s mind?

6. It seems like nothing can faze you, but that isn’t true. You won’t admit it, but you would absolutely melt if someone brought you flowers, remembered your favorite candy or remembered anything for that matter…it’s all in the little details for you. Your crush will score major *bonus points* with you for planning something romantic, just because!

7. When you start to like someone you push them away because you can’t see yourself as being part of a couple and you get weird about people thinking of the two of you as a unit. You feel even weirder about holding hands in public, but you still want someone to try…Once you let the person in, you are surprised at how natural it can feel. Give it a chance – indulge the hopeless romantic in you and you may be able to maintain more of your independence then you may have imagined.