7 Struggles You’ll Only Know If You’re A Nutrition Major


1. Having to eat your food elsewhere for fear of judgment.

The majority of the girls in your class are usually pretty fit, or just plain skinny. Because of this, you freak out that someone is going to judge you for eating your bag of hot Cheetos you love that are over 50% calories in fat. So you hide in your car or move over to the next building where the bio majors won’t care.

2. Dealing with the vegans that force their principles and beliefs on you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me a vegan meal; however, there is a time and place for your vegan stances and a group project is definitely not one of them. You’re constantly hiding your burger in your backpack, or getting the look of disapproval when you tell them there’s meat in your salad. Whoops, my bad.

3. Holding your tongue.

You get placed in so many situations where people start preaching about certain diet fads, and you just have to grit your teeth to avoid an argument. Or you’ll overhear someone saying, “OMG carbs are so gross, I never eat them” and want to yell “You’re ridiculous!!”

4. Everyone asking you to make their meal plan.

Being in this field must mean that you know anything and everything about eating, so after people find out your major they’ll quickly follow up with, “Can you concoct a diet for me?” “…no.”

5. Always being hungry.

Talking about food — even if it pertains to diseases — will always make you hungry. You’re constantly looking at pictures of food, learning about different recipes and cooking that you just want to eat all day. Just shovel that parfait into my mouth and keep it coming!

6. Worrying about your body image.

Most girls that go into this field of study typically have some sort of eating disorder; I’m sure I do too. When you’re stuck with a classroom full of skinny girls, you start to think that you should be just as slim, and constantly question what you eat. It makes getting through class a lot harder.

7. People mistaking you for a nutritionist.

Nothing is as insulting as when someone calls a registered dietitian a nutritionist. A warning: don’t do it.