7 Sucky Experiences Every College Student Gets Stuck Going Through


1. The tasteless food

I still remember the awful taste of the food given in the cafeteria. Who gives that kind of salt-less food to college students? It’s torture for all of them. Colleges mostly buy from cheap food companies, which means that you have to bear the prison-like food for the rest of your college life.

2. The bullying

Freshman year is literally a nightmare, especially during orientation days, because you might get bullied by seniors. All of those couch potatoes rise from their dorms to torture you with their inhumane bullying tricks. I am sure most of you must have gone through the torture of bullying at some point. I can feel your pain, my friends. Some students will do whatever it takes to make sure that they get on your nerves.

3. The deadlines

Deadlines for difficult assignments are the worst of all. Most students procrastinate until the last minute, while others don’t get the time to complete their work at all. As a result, most students look for online writing services, which can help them complete their assignments with professionalism and within their tight deadlines. So you might want to save your life by getting help from reliable writing services for any essay or assignment.

4. The unbelievingly tedious teachers

Who was your worst teacher? I had the most boring teacher of all time, my arts teacher. Who would believe that an art teacher could be boring, right? But he was one of those teachers that constantly tells you to be creative, but doesn’t actually put in any effort to help you become creative. He was the worst.

5. The long research papers

Why can’t teachers let you be free and happy? I felt like an imprisoned bird for all of my college life. I can’t count the number of times when I was loaded down with assignments, even though all I wanted to do was watch movies and eat.

6. The emphasis on good grades

All throughout high school, I was told to get good grades so I could get into a good university. This idea felt like a constant hammer against my head. Why couldn’t teachers focus more on learning than on memorization? In my personal opinion, learning matters more than grades. As Nassim Nicholas Taleb has said, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t finish college. Too much emphasis is placed on formal education – I told my children not to worry about their grades but to enjoy learning.”

7. The creepy roommates

How many of you have had experiences with creepy roommates? My roommate was one hell of a creep. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing your roommate stare at you. I almost died the first time I saw him watching me like that. Was he was a serial killer? Or was he just interested in me? I had no idea.