7 Things Creepy Writer Chicks Complain About


1. “Creepy writer men send me messages to say that they like my poem, and then send my poem back to me with unsolicited edits.”

This sounds presumptuous and douche-y, and perhaps even a bit arrogant, but not creepy.

2. ”Creepy writer men message me to say that I should get an agent, and why don’t I call them on the phone? They know a lot of people, and we should discuss this.”

Would it be “creepy” if a female writer (or George Clooney) did this? Every writing class I’ve taken stresses the importance of networking, self-promotion, and making connections with a supportive network of fellow writers. Guess us male writers better be careful about offering support to our female brethren, however. Oh wait — then we’ll be accused of sexism.

3. ”I’ve had enough dumb sex with creepy writer men.”

And the common denominator in these situations would be… ?

4. ”Creepy writer men seem to think, because I write about my drug experiences, that I should be wowed and bowled over by theirs.”

So they have the *audacity* to try and engage in conversation with you about a common interest/experience? And they — gasp! — use some of the same terminology you do? Would you find their overtures less creepy if they used different drug terminology?

Just a friendly piece of advice: never get involved in sci-fi/fantasy writing, or in any sort of technical writing field. Terminology abounds. Someone’s bound to use a word you’re familiar with at some point, and we all know how you hate that.

5. ”Creepy writer men will stress to me that while they would never, ever, pay for sex, because I’ve written about my past as a sex worker, I should tell them all about my experiences. And for free.”

All I take away from this is that you’re a hypocrite who enjoys writing about her salacious and novel experiences, then denigrating people (primarily men) for asking you questions about it. Aren’t those curious about your line of “work” the very people such writings are aimed at?

6. ”Creepy writer men will send me their graphic sex stories, thinking, I suppose, that because I write about sex, I must want to read their writing about sex.”

Despite your protestations to “admiring these writers’ work,” you clearly hold all work other than your own in absolute contempt. Writers of any and ALL stripes who’ve had any degree of success will be approached by other writers to critique and respond to their work all the time. I suppose you interpret all such instances as creepy sexual innuendos.

7. ”Creepy writer men are the men who default to real or cosmetic (yes it exists) misogyny in their story lines, thereby retarding the evolution of outsider literature for fifty more years.”

And yet you “admired their work for years.” Until you had to come up with grist for a Thought Catalog piece, that is. Hmm…

featured image – Sex And The City