7 Things Every Extrovert Is Tired Of Hearing


1. The world is catered toward extroverts.

Is it really though?

Yes, leadership positions come more naturally to extroverts. But there are a variety of important life passages that extroverts struggle with as well. For example, living alone for long periods of time. Or taking a university degree that centers around independent research. Or working solitary jobs that don’t allow for much regular interaction. In a society that values independence and self-reliance, it can be difficult to fulfill our need for human connection every day. There are pros and cons of every personality type, but extroverts certainly don’t have the world handed to them on a silver platter.

2. Extroverts are shallow/unintelligent.

While introverts arrive at conclusions through introspection and analysis, extroverts arrive at conclusions through discussion and experimentation. This means that you hear the beginning stages of an extrovert’s thought process more often than you hear the beginning stages of an introvert’s. It also means introverts are less likely to present their thoughts until they are conclusive and well-composed. But it doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t arrive at the same place eventually. Many introverts have incredibly similar thought processes to those of extroverts — it’s just a matter of one party gaining momentum with their ideas through verbalization and another gaining momentum through independent analysis.

3. Extroverts are born protruding confidence.

Extroverts had to learn the rules of social interaction, just the same as everybody else. None of us slipped out of the womb exuding confidence and social grace; we had to fumble and fail our way there. This is why extroverts spend so much time embarrassing themselves — because they believe that putting themselves out there is the best way to get the hang of how socializing actually works. Yes socializing energizes us but that doesn’t mean that its nuances come naturally. Confidence is built over time, effort and a whole lot of strange interactions along the way. It isn’t as easy as it looks.

4. Extroverts are energized by small talk .

Nobody likes small talk.

Extroverts just hate small talk less than they hate awkward silences. So in a pinch, that’s what we choose. If you want to change the topic, trust me, we’re probably down.

5. Extroverts can’t be alone.

Extroverts prefer to be around people, but that certainly doesn’t mean we fall apart if left on our own for ten minutes. We are perfectly capable of spending extended periods of time by ourselves, just like introverts are perfectly capable of spending prolonged periods of time socializing. It’s just that our energy supply will start to wane.

Neither type functions at an extreme in this case. Introverts all need to be around people occasionally and extroverts all need to be alone occasionally. All of us are human, after all. We have the same basic set of needs.

6. Extroverts are completely self-absorbed.

Everyone is completely self-absorbed; that’s just human nature. Extroverts simply like to discuss their problems aloud because that’s how we work through issues — and we’d be happy to listen to your issues, too.

Whereas introverts show care through patience and understanding, extroverts show care through taking initiative and displaying affection. They’re different means to the same end. Extroverts may discuss their own lives regularly, but they’re also the first to get you out of your shell when you’re going through a tough time or ask you how you’re doing when you’re having a bad day. We all show care in different ways.

7. Extroverts are always trying to “fix” introverts.

Nope. Not at all.

Yes we’re sometimes guilty of throwing you a surprise party when you didn’t want one or dropping in for a visit when you were having alone time, but introverts, we love you just the way you are. You’re the ying to our yang and the world needs both our types — after all, a world without you would just get too damn noisy.