7 Things Every Lazy Overachiever Knows To Be True


1. You either go hard or go home.

You are normally one of two extremes. You are either extremely busy or doing nothing at all.  Volunteering at your local charity. Done. Finishing the project you were assigned at work. Done. And you still manage to do the grocery shopping, get to your yoga class and cook dinner all in a 10 hour day. Or if you are not going hard and pulling an all-nighter you won’t even leave your bed for the next few days unless it is the pizza delivery guy with your order. Pajamas and Netflix sounds more appealing. There is no middle ground for a lazy overachiever. They are either giving their all or doing absolutely nothing.

2. You are ambitious.

Lazy overachievers are surprisingly ambitious. You set yourself goals and dream of success. You want to go places and you know you were destined for great things. Now if you could only get off the couch.

3. You keep to-do lists.

You are great at planning and keep daily, color-coded, to-do lists that fill your calendar for a month. But just thinking about your to-do list and how much you need to do makes you tired. So instead you take a nap. Eventually, you will power through that 2-page to-do list. Just not right now.

4. You love the easy route.

Why put yourself through unnecessary stress. Rather than pile on the workload and take on more than you can chew you will always find the simplest route to get to where you need to be in life. You love a short-cut. You prefer to allow others to break their backs why you barely break a sweat.

5. You are the typical procrastinator.

Everything is last minute. You have an article to write. You have a project to complete. You have a deadline to meet but you find yourself putting things off. You convince yourself that you will do it tomorrow. When the next day rolls around you busy yourself with cleaning the dishes, tidying your workspace or any other excuse you can come up with that keeps you from what you need to do.

6. You make things happen.

Despite being a typical procrastinator you still make sure you hit that deadline. No matter what you always come through in the end. I mean, they don’t call you an overachiever for nothing.

7. You are your own biggest critic.

You know you have some great strengths but you are aware of your weaknesses. You could kick yourself sometimes for being lazy but you are also hard on yourself for being an overachiever. You are your own worst critic. Instead of beating yourself up, recognize that we all need a break from this fast-paced life from time to time. It is fine to have a lazy day and do nothing without thinking about all the things you have not done. It is fine to want to be successful but stop setting yourself impossible standards that even an overachiever like you can not reach. Know that you are worthy of all the blessings that are coming your way.