7 Things People In Their Early 20s Are Tired Of Hearing


I am 22 and 7 months ago I graduated from college. I am more or less in the same place I was 7 months ago. I have a job, but I live at home and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I am constantly hearing these things from older people, mostly my parents and all I want to say is shut the hell up…please.

“What are you doing with your life?”

I am always tempted to say something like, “well I was thinking about becoming a stripper to pay off my college loans.” The truth is, if I knew what I was doing with my life I probably wouldn’t be talking to you and instead be doing it. I know that the person asking this question had no fucking idea what they were doing at my age, so thinking that I have my shit together is very generous and also incorrect.

“Oh, you are living with your parents.” Or “It must be nice to live for free with your parents.

First comment sounds like you are belittling the fact that I just graduated and am essentially broke. So yes, I am living with my parents and basically mooching off of them until they kick me out. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it and I don’t appreciate the judgment. Second quote yes I am very #blessed that my parents are still supporting me, but it’s not like I don’t help them out in more ways then just giving them money. They know I’m dirt poor and they respect that.

“Have you thought about how you are going to pay off your debt?”

This is a realistic question, but to ask a 22-year-old right out of college is a dick move. How am I supposed to know how I’m going to pay it off? I don’t even know how I’m going to pay for gas let alone pay for student loans. At the moment I will pretend they don’t exist and live in a fantasy world, it’s probably stupid and childish, but that’s just what I’m going to do.

“Did you hear about ‘Sarah’s’ new job?”

Yes, she posted about it on Facebook, she sent out a tweet and she put up a pic on Instagram. So I think I know that she got a job doing something super cool that I should be jealous about. I would prefer not be constantly reminded that people are doing better then me. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Just let me have my little pity party and we don’t have to talk about her cool new job.

“So, when are you going to get a boyfriend/married/have kids?”

This truly makes me angry. Wanting to be independent shouldn’t be look down upon and I’m over people thinking that it should be. Maybe I want to be alone for the rest of my life and don’t care to have little babies. Also I am only 22, so I think it’s pretty smart that I don’t have any thoughts about long-term commitments. So mother, you will get grandchildren when I am good and ready, but don’t expect it any time soon.

“Do you really think you should be spending your money on that?”

The answer is probably not, but I don’t need a lecture (usually from my parents) about how my money is supposed to be spent. It’s not like I’m out there buying a time-share, I just bought one shirt. I’m saving almost everything that I make, so I don’t think treating myself once in awhile is a big deal.

“At my age I was already working full time…blah…blah…blah”

Well thanks old person because I have always wanted to hear your life story about struggle and pain and working really hard to get to where you are today. I’m on my own path and though it doesn’t look anything like yours, I’m sure I will find my way somehow.

Since your elders say most of these comments, I have learned it’s best to be polite. To answer them honestly, but to also avoid talking about it too much or the questions will never end. But once in a while I just want to run away screaming, maybe seeming like a lunatic is better then facing your problems.