7 Things Single People Should Focus On First


Ladies and gentlemen, relationships are a tough commitment, and one should only commit to something when they are seriously ready for it. Meanwhile, what we can do is to channel our time and energy to things that are as important as finding love.

Here are 7 areas of life that single people could focus on as we find (or wait for) the Right One. After all, we should be our best selves first before we could give our best to someone else, right? Read on.

1. Your Career

Focus on the opportunities on your hands — the opportunities to work, to earn, and to grow. Think of yourself and your job as two people in a relationship. We exert efforts, we perform well, we give time, and we become dedicated. In return, our jobs give us both economic rewards and self-esteem. Our professions can give us the satisfaction we need for working hard and taking effort. And relationships couldn’t guarantee that.

2. Your Family

Need I say more? Most of the time, the type of companionship that we seek from a significant other could be found within our families. Our deep ties with our loved ones are still the strongest of all, and they will always be there no matter what. So talk to your mom more often, go on a road trip with your dad, teach your little sister some maths, or play sports with your brothers. Family is everything.

3. Your Friends

Having to pause from romantic relationships doesn’t mean giving up your social life entirely. The company of our friends is more fun, more adventurous, and less dramatic. Dinner dates, concerts, late-night conversations? Call a buddy (or a bunch of them!) and they shall be available. Besides, just like family, real friends won’t break up with you. They’re for life.

4. Your Studies

If you’re a student, work your way up to the honours list (or at least just have more decent grades). Focusing on your studies could yield more long-term results than trying to manage a relationship. If you’re a professional, maybe it’s time to consider going back to school. Remember the arts-and-crafts class or the Law degree you always wanna do? Go for it! You can never go wrong with educational investment.

5. Your Passion

Try to think about your goals. Maybe, it’s better to start working on them than obsessing over having (or not having) a relationship. Perhaps it’s time that you watch more theater, or conceptualize your first business, or write your first novel, or plan your first trip, or sign up for volunteering! Maybe the thrill that you’re looking for in a relationship can be found in achieving not a person, but your personal goal.

6. Your Hobbies

Aside from your job and/or studies, what keeps you busy? Hobbies are the things that we keep doing just because we are feel happy doing it. Scrapbooking, philately, and playing an instrument are good ol’ hobbies, but you can also try newer trends like exploring new music, painting nails, drawing your workmates’ faces, or creating graphic designs! Hobbies eliminate toxic and invite the positive in our lives, and maybe figuring out new hobbies can be your hobby.

7. Your Self

There is no better time to appreciate ourselves than when we’re single. Identity capital is what we should be working on first. We should never cease to discover and open ourselves up to the world. Above all, we should learn to love ourselves. Because if we have loved ourselves sufficiently, we’ll have enough love to give the Right One when he/she finally comes.