7 Things Tall Girls Should Really Understand


As a 5’11 female, when I came across the post “7 Things Only Tall Girls Understand” I thought “perfect!” But I couldn’t relate. In fact, I felt insulted and demeaned. Without further adieu, I give you seven things tall girls, and really all girls, should understand.

1. Wear the damn heels.

Or don’t. Wear what you want on your feet, but don’t let society tell you what to wear. Who are they to deprive you of a shoe that can make your legs look thinner and your butt look like you did a few extra squats? Who are they to say you can’t waste your paycheck on shoes that will hurt after an hour? You won’t look like a tree, you will look like a supermodel. Go lust after those Louboutins with the rest of the female population.

2. You don’t need other tall people surrounding you to feel good.

Your friends should make you feel good. Your family should make you feel good. Your cat, dog, boyfriend, pizza delivery guy — they should make you feel good. Not some stranger who may wear the same pant size. Also, everyone envying those long legs of yours, why do you want to share the positive attention?

3. If you have to bend down to reach things, they can reach up.

Okay, this one’s a little dramatic. I happily help people reach things all the time. Does this make me feel awesome? Yes. Not because I was gifted genetically, but because helping people makes me feel awesome.

4. Your babe pool contains as many dudes as you want to.

Yep, you said it right when you described this one — “shallowly.” Date someone shorter than you, date someone taller than you, date someone in a wheelchair, date someone the same gender as you. IT DOESN’T MATTER. You know who your babe pool should contain? People who make you happy. I laughed when my boyfriend told me he typically doesn’t like tall girls, but he honestly fell for me for my personality. Isn’t that what you should want? Someone who likes you for you, not for where puberty left you on a growth chart?

5. Don’t envy any couple. At least physically.

Things that are appropriate to envy about a couple:

• Their happiness
• Their commitment to one other
• Their communication and honestly

Things that are inappropriate to envy about a couple:

• The boys’ height
• The boys’ strength
• Their ability to look nice in a photo together

6. Do people actually worry about people seeing the contents of their nose?

Maybe I’m the odd one out on this one. Boogers aren’t a daily source of anxiety for me. If you are worried about people staring up your nose, I think they are the ones you should be concerned about.

7. Being uncoordinated can happen at any height.

You can manage your body, I promise you. Being tall doesn’t mean you will be falling on your face constantly. Look at any basketball team. Case closed.