7 Things That Aren’t Worth Sacrificing For The Sake Of A Relationship


Though in all relationships, ample amount of sacrifice and compromise is inevitable, giving up on the following essentials of your life implies, giving up on who you really are.

1. Your Family

It isn’t uncommon that the person you like doesn’t love or enjoy your family’s company as much as you do. Is so terrible? No, but that effort of adjusting or getting to know them better cannot be taken out of consideration. Your family is possibly the dearest to you and whom you lived with most of your life until then; cutting off or avoiding them can never be an option. If your love cannot accept them to be a significant part of your life, then probably the love isn’t real.

2. Your Friends

Your friends are no less than family to you, and they’re the ones who would be by your side, no matter what. Now, would you let go of them because of someone who doesn’t understand where your friends stand in your life? It is an effort that needs to be made to adapt to each other’s lifestyle and choices. While some can be altered, some are not worth being pushed aside.

3. Your Faith

Your religion is something deeply knit into your belief system and how you live your life. Do you practice sacrificing animals every day? Or are a part of a cult which has no regard for other belief systems? You will certainly not come under any of these categories, probably. So, your loved one should have no objection and refrain from turning you against your faith. Stand your ground; some decisions in life can’t be played around with.

4. Core Values

If the reason you are loved is only based on your drooling looks, your relationship can be in trouble. They should know you well and respect, admire your values, what your stand for, then make that the reason for true love. Do not give up your position to avoid drugs or steal something; though you may please your partner, ultimately, you’re the one who’s going to be left disappointed in yourself.

5. Your Dreams

Everyone has a dream they always chase after and it’s certainly not right for someone to get in the way of them. Your dreams are your aspiration and motivation; letting them go means letting your life’s aim go. It is important that your partner appreciates and supports you in reaching your goals, failure of this will result in extreme discontent in the future.
Never sacrifice your goals and personal projects for anyone; chase after them and fulfill your life’s ambition.

6. Your Talents And Hobbies

You probably don’t have the advantage of being talented at multiple things; so keep your skills close to you and in practice. Your talents and hobbies are what make you happy, feel accomplished, confident and they play a major psychological role. There is no reason for your partner to go against this, but if there comes a reason, nothing is worth putting aside what you’re gifted with.

7. Your Appearance

You should be loved for you are! Do not let anything compel you to believe that you need to fix something. If your partner thinks you need to change something, his love is certainly not real. Don’t change who you are for someone who doesn’t value the same.

Is it worth giving up on these 7 precious things?

Probably not!

You can never find anything substantial enough to justify that it’s not for you. Probably you still can’t afford to let your significant half go as much as you value your 7 essentials; so give another shot at making your love understand how much they mean to you and send along some romantic love quotes to show that you really love them.

But, no matter what, some things aren’t worth sacrificing.