7 Things That Happen When You Have Intense Moods That Change Quickly 


1. You send texts you regret an hour later. There are moments when you’re upset, when you need to vent, when you feel like the world is ending, so you send out a text to someone you love. The problem is, an hour or two later, once you’re calmed down, you regret sending the message. You wish you could erase it. By the time the other person answers to ask what is wrong, you have to backtrack and tell them everything is perfectly fine.

2. Your entire day can be ruined by the dumbest things. You could be having the best day of your life, but then you’ll see something small on social media and your heart will drop. Your mood will be ruined. Even though you know you shouldn’t let your emotions get the best of you, you won’t be able to help it. You won’t be able to get that good mood back.

3. You set plans and cancel plans on the regular. When you’re in a good mood, you want to make the most of it. You want to see friends. You want to test new restaurants. You want to travel. While you’re on a high, you set plans with people you cannot wait to see — but once your mood turns sour again, you regret all the plans you’ve made. You consider canceling. You wonder why you ever wanted to leave the house in the first place. You hate yourself for being so social.

4. You can never guess your reactions to caffeine/alcohol. Sometimes a cup of coffee in the morning makes you extra productive. Other times it makes you extra anxious and unable to get a single thing done. Sometimes alcohol puts you in an amazing mood and makes you the life of the party. Other times it makes you so upset you end up crying out your eyes in a bathroom stall. It’s hard for you to tell how caffeine and alcohol are going to impact you because your reactions are always so wildly different. You’re unpredictable.

5. You make drastic decisions — but end up changing your mind. When a friend upsets you, a part of you wants to delete them from social media, erase their number, and never speak to them again — until you calm down and realize how much you love them. When something goes wrong at work, a part of you wants to quit and find a new job — until you calm down and realize you’re lucky to be working where you are. You have extreme reactions to every little thing that happens. You don’t handle pain well.

6. You end up saying things you regret. When you’re trying to get your point across, you might raise your voice a little too loud. You might get a little too defensive. You might take your argument a little too far because you’re passionate about every opinion.

7. You try your hardest to work on yourself. You don’t want to be known as fickle or unpredictable. You know you suffer from drastic mood swings, but you also know you’re in control of your actions. You know you can better yourself if you put effort into yourself.