7 Things Women Without A Sexual Preference Are Tired Of Hearing


You’re just confused.

I am not confused I’m just attracted to personality. I’m not interested in what you carry between your legs.

So then you’re bisexual?

No, I’m not. It‘s when you speak to me and something sparks my interest that I start digging you so please don’t try to fit me into a mold just so you could label me.

Who is sex better with? Male or female?

Haven’t you heard of privacy?

When lesbians who are trying to date me tell me, “ I cant believe you slept with a guy” or “you belong on our team”

The only team I belong on is team “happy” because as long as I’m happy why would anything else matter.

When guys find out that I might also be interested in the opposite sex and ask if they can watch

No you ding bat. What I do behind closed doors is private.

Does sex with girls even count and doesn’t it take more work?

Im not sure how sleeping with a guy would make it count any more than it would with a girl and aren’t the best things the ones you work harder for?

You’re just going through phase.

You’re going to end up getting married to a guy and have lots of babies and a white picket fence.
I might end up with a married with a guy and have babies and a white picket fence but that will be my choice not because I went through a phase and all of sudden decided I was straight. If a guy wins me over its for the same reason it always will be his personality but you never know i might just find that with someone of the opposite sex also.