7 Things You Can Fall In Love With This Valentine’s Day Besides Another Person


This Valentine’s Day you don’t need to feel pressure to celebrate romantic love. You can forget the flowers, ditch the chocolates and not waste your time worried about if you have a date. Instead, spend time with what you really love and what you’re REALLY passionate about. This February, don’t get hung up on who you love, instead consider what you love. Follow your passions and interests, as there are many more things than people to fall in love with.

1. Pets.

A wag of the dog’s tail, a purr from the cat, a snuggle from the guinea pig — all expressions of the bond you can build with an animal.

Pets love you more than they love themselves. In a human romantic relationship that would be very unhealthy but with pets it’s just how it works. It’s not surprising than that companion animals have been shown to reduce stress in their humans.

This Valentine’s Day, wear your sweat pants, leave the toilet seat up — basically just be yourself and you’ll be completely accepted by your pet. If you don’t have a pet, but love animals, consider volunteering at an animal shelter near you. You’ll be the valentine of the animals you visit and take on a walk, help to groom or just take the time to snuggle with.

2. Good Eats & Drinks

Treat yourself with the food or beverage that you are sweet on.

The sensory experience of eating is incredibly satisfying. Joy is found in the aesthetics and flavors of the food. A recent study actually showed that people who deeply appreciate food also experience an overall sense of well-being. If you’re a connoisseur of cheese, wine, beer and/or coffee make a plan to savor the very best on Valentine’s Day, regardless of who is with you. Or perhaps kick back, embrace your inner foodie and binge watch your favorite cooking show.

3. Cars.

Getting to tinker under the hood, customize the exterior or interior of your vehicle can be a kind of meditation. When working on the machine, you explore your creativity and your problem solving abilities.

You can customize your vehicle to suit your wants and needs. In person-to-person relationships you’re suppose to love your partner just the way they are — with your vehicle you can change it to your hearts content. If you’re commuting to work in your car or using it for adventures on the weekend, you are spending loads of time with the vehicle. The relationship with cars can include naming the vehicles and seeing it as a member of the family.

Jump in the car this Valentine’s Day, even if it’s just a day trip and spend some quality time with your automobile for miles and miles.

4. Music.

Needing to get that rare vinyl, being first in line on Record Store Day or you’ve got tickets for the May-long weekend music festival — a music lover, sees the choice of songs, artists and albums as an extension of themselves.

A study conducted by the University of Cambridge found that assumptions are made about a character, ideals, class and cultural background based upon their music taste. Splurge on that vintage vinyl you’ve had your eye on, or pull out that album you’ve loved since you were a kid and just crank it. Sing at the top of your lungs this Valentine’s Day for your love of music!

5. Cosplay.

A passion and fascination with comic books, video games, anime and/or super heroes. Participants in cosplay wear costumes to represent a fictional character from their favorite movie, game or book.

Cosplayers define or redefine themselves, creating costumes themselves, allowing them to be whoever they want. Cosplayers can make their own reality and be a part of the cosplay subculture. There is sense of belonging to the cosplay community where your imagination is your super power. Watch your favorite Marvel film, read some anime or play your favorite Halo game, to mark this Valentine’s Day.

6. Travel.

Forget cupid’s arrow, being bitten by the travel bug has made many a lover of treks, voyages and journeys. Heading out on a trip allows the traveler to also take a trip inside — to learn more about themself, build their confidence as they traverse new locals, meet new people and try new tastes. While on the road, a traveler is forced to be fully present, adapt to changing circumstances and be an their own champion.

Traveling is about self-love and self-acceptance — no wonder people can fall in love with it.

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate by booking a trip, daydream about where you want to go next or flip through photos and souvenirs of your past trips.

7. Sports.

Rooting for a sports team offers a sense of belonging and a shared purpose. It makes the viewer feel like they are a part of a team and community. They cheer when their team wins, they are disappointed with a loss. They are connected.

The sports fan invests themselves with their favorite players and teams, because it is something they can count on. The spectator embraces the rules and that there’s a clear winner and loser. Sports are comforting because they are straightforward, not complicated like relationships between people. There’s drama, excitement, tears and joy — and the sports lover can enjoy it from the sidelines.

Watch you favorite team play this Valentine’s Day, sit back, relax and feel coupled with sports community!