7 Things You Will Learn From Following Your Passions Instead Of The Crowd


1. Even when you choose to do what you love for a living, you are still going to have bad days. Days when you would rather crawl back in bed than be a responsible, working adult. Days when you complain about everything you have to get done — even though you love what you’re doing and feel like you have no right to complain.

2. Even when you are successful, you are still going to doubt yourself from time to time. You are going to wonder whether you are a failure, whether you are dreaming too big, whether you are only fooling yourself. You are going to wonder whether everything you have earned is going to fall apart soon, whether you have what it takes to last in your field, whether your success is only temporary. These thoughts are natural — and they are fleeting. Soon enough, you’ll gain confidence. You’ll realize your value.

3. If you’re brave enough to take a risk when it comes to your career — then you should also gather together the courage to take a risk when it comes to every other aspect of your life. Take a risk on love. Take a risk on adventure. Take a risk by leaving your comfort zone, by giving yourself the opportunity to do things you have always wanted to do outside of your career. Even though you love your work, your world shouldn’t revolve around it. There should be other things that bring you happiness too.

4. Some people are going to hate you for following your heart because they never realized they had the same option. They feel like they’ve lost their chance at happiness because they don’t realize they can change their life at any moment. These people might judge you for choosing a different path, they might tease you and leave rude comments about you online, but in the end it’s better to deal with their judgement than to deal with your own regrets.

5. It’s impossible to please everyone, so you might as well focus on pleasing the only person who matters. Yourself. Maybe your career path will disappoint your parents. Maybe it will take you to a country far away from your friends. Even though other people might not be happy with your final decision, you have to give yourself permission to be selfish. You have to do what is right for you.

6. Your priorities are going to change as you age. Your goals are going to change. Your vision of the future is going to change. Your concept of happiness is going to change. You have to remember, even though it’s scary, you are allowed to switch careers at any point in time. You don’t have to start when you’re young. You still have a lifetime to reach your goals. You can start working toward them right now.

7When you follow your passions instead of the crowd, you quickly realize you made the right choice. Even though the path in front of you is filled with barriers, even though your work is not always going to be easy, you have faith you can overcome anything because you want your dreams so badly. You want them more than you’ve ever wanted anything before.