7 Tinder Tips All Girls Should Follow


It all started on my friend’s Tinder account when I came across a guy with cute hipster glasses and I totally wanted to swipe right. My friend told me to get my own account and before I knew it I was swiping left and right for the next hour (or two). As I was sitting there with my friend she instilled a few Tinder rules for a newbie such as myself. I feel like it’s my civic duty to share them with my fellow Tinder ladies and for some guys (read: most of them) on Tinder who might need some help getting the ladies.

1. Don’t swipe right on a guy who has a picture with kids. Sure ladies, it says that the small child is his “niece” or “nephew” but how can you trust him and why are they in every single one of his pictures?

2. Steer clear of the guy with the girl in his pictures. Sure, it could be his sister but it’s most likely his girlfriend who doesn’t have any clue that her man created a Tinder account. Nobody wants to be the unintentional homewrecker, especially via Tinder.

3. Two words: group pictures. If you swipe right on a guy with all group pictures you’re just asking to be on the next episode of Catfish. If you’ve ever seen Catfish, you know that it never ends well.

4. Try to avoid the “I snapped this mirror pic on the way out of the house” guy. There is usually more than one mirror pic in his profile, which means we don’t even want to know what his camera roll on his iPhone looks like. Fellas, this isn’t MySpace.

5. Don’t trust the guy who is “just looking for friendships”. Who goes on a dating app to look for a friend and a friend only? That’s just confusing and we don’t have time for confusing.

6. There’s always that guy who updates his profile based on his travels. Ladies, please don’t swipe right on that. You know what I’m talking about; it’s that “I’m in NYC for the next 36 hours, looking for a good time” profile. No, bye.

7. Just to be safe my friend also said to avoid guys that wear their hat backwards and that go by the name of Jake.

It’s my hope that these rules can help out my fellow ladies as they swipe right and left on their Tinder adventures. If you find yourself in a conversation with a guy who turns out to be 54 and has 3 kids, don’t say I didn’t try to warn you! Happy Tinder-ing, friends!