7 Tips To Bring Out Your Inner Confidence


It seems like something so simple, being confident in the person you are and the choices you make, but unfortunately for some, that is not always the case. The truth is that while many people give off a sense of confidence in themselves, it’s usually just an act that they put on in public. Confidence is not something that comes easy, but if you reach far enough inside yourself, you will find this confidence is there, it just hasn’t been given a chance to come forward. Here’s some ways to trust in yourself and truly be confident.

1. Start with looking inside yourself and making yourself aware of your own self-worth.

You, whoever you may be, are worthy of accomplishing whatever achievements you set your mind to. It may be a new job you’re trying to get, or a boy you want to impress, whatever it may be, you can do it. Take some time to learn what it is you want out of life, and then with the knowledge that you can indeed have these things, go for it.

2. While looking inside yourself, be true about what it is you find.

Being confident means being realistic and secure in who it is you honestly are. Don’t tell yourself you can do something that you know is ridiculous and cannot be done. As an adult, know your limits and set goals that can be reached within. Once those goals are accomplished, make bigger aspirations outside those limits you began with. By doing this, you will accomplish things that are realistic and then continuously move forward as new things become attainable. Having goals that in mind that can be achieved will allow you to be more confident in yourself each day. But to be able to set realistic goals for yourself means being in touch with all aspects of the person you actually are. It seems tricky, but once you find them out they will stand out in your mind always.

3. Another part of being confident in yourself is to understand your sex appeal and how to use it to your advantage.

This seems ridiculous, but being confident in yourself means knowing how you are perceived by others. Under most circumstances you may not care what people think, but when it comes to flirting and dating, you must know what it is about you that makes you sexy to others to be confident in your game. Everyone has something different that makes him or her sexy in their own way. If you can figure out what is it in you, you are golden. Knowing and feeling sexy in your own skin is a vital component to truly being confident. If you genuinely believe that you are beautiful or handsome and can be confident and comfortable in that feeling, others will be able to see it as well.

4. If you are a confident person and you know your self-worth, you will start to demand the respect you deserve out of life.

Knowing that you are worthy of others respect will allow you to insist that these people treat you with the courtesy that you deserve. It may seem bitchy at first, but it’s not. It’s feeling and being empowered by who you are and what you want. To be confident in yourself, you must know how you want and will allow yourself to be treated by others. When you realize that, the thought will come as second nature to you. You should know how to be assertive with what you want without being overly aggressive. It’s a quality that will come with time.

5. A main quality that confident people have is the ability to know that people make mistakes and shit happens but when it does, you can laugh it off and let it go.

Be aware that everyone has weaknesses and those weaknesses should not embarrass you. So what if you drunk texted your ex last night or tripped in your heels in front of your crush. You are human. Humans make mistakes. Being able to laugh at it shows that you know this ridiculous thing happened and you aren’t trying to deny that it did, but you simply don’t care what other people think about it or about you.

6. One of the many perks of being confident is that with this newfound assurance in your choices, you’ll slowly stop caring what people think about you.

Confident people don’t fear being disliked. You’ll stop listening to people telling you what to do, who to be friends with and how to live your life. You’ll just do as you please and move on, and you’ll find that it comes easy to you. You won’t act a certain way to impress others, you’ll learn to be yourself and people will like you or they won’t. But what’s one person in a world filled with people? Nothing, that’s what. Without this fear of what people think of you, you’ll become a more carefree and all around happy person.

7. Finally, confident people look the part.

You know that girl who walks in the door and everyone in the room turns and stares at her because as she struts through the door the wind somehow blows in her hair and the spotlight is directly on her? All those things aren’t actually happening. She’s just walking with confidence and you can see it in the way she looks. It’s not just your general body language and facial expressions, but people who are confident in themselves are usually well dressed and put together in a way that works for them. You’ll stop caring about what others think and start caring about what you think of yourself. It’s the most important person for you to impress after all. To be confident, you want to wake up everyday feeling like nothing can stop you and sometimes that requires running a brush through your hair and throwing on some eyeliner. That doesn’t make you conceited or shallow, it means you understand what it takes for you to truly feel good about yourself and that is true confidence.

Stop worrying about how other perceive you and starting believing in yourself. You can do whatever you put your mind to if you add in even just a little self-confidence. You don’t have to fake confidence when it’s something everyone should have in himself or herself. You are your biggest fan, so let other people see that too.