7 Toxic Personality Types You Don’t Need In Your Life


Everyone knows at least one toxic person. Often people don’t realize that they are friends with a toxic person until it is too late, and by then they are already wrapped up in the toxic person’s drama.

It is important in life to be able to deal with different kinds of people, but you shouldn’t associate with people who bring you down and negatively affect your life. They will hold you back in life, and they will also put you under a lot of stress.

Before you can get rid of the toxic people in your life, you need to be aware of the different toxic personality types. Here are 7 toxic personality types that you don’t need in your life.

1. The Leech

The leech is always broke and looking for a hand out. While everyone goes through difficult times in their lives, the leech has been struggling for years. They often ask for money and favors, but they aren’t willing to take advice on how to actually improve their lives. In reality they are happy with their lives, and they don’t want to make any effort to improve their lives – instead, they prefer to leech off others.

2. The Jealous

This person is never happy for others when they accomplish things, as they are too narcissistic. Instead they believe that they deserve the success more, and they will ask themselves “Why them? Why not me?”

However, the jealous person isn’t willing to put in hard work or effort, so they will struggle to succeed. Over time, this will make them even more jealous and bitter.

3. The ‘Me Me Me’

The ‘me me me’ person is very self-absorbed, and they only enjoy talking about themselves. They often come to you for advice, but they rarely follow the advice as they were actually just looking for an opportunity to talk about themselves.

Whenever you have a problem that you want to talk about, the ‘me me me’ person is no-where to be seen – because in their eyes, you are just a tool to help build up their self-esteem.

4. The Victim

The victim is often difficult to identify, as you can’t help but to sympathize with them. However, over time you will start to notice that they are always the victim. You will notice that they don’t take responsibility for any of their actions, and they constantly feel like the world is out to get them. They don’t choose to learn and grow after a difficult experience – they prefer to wallow and feel sorry for themselves.

5. The Gossip

The gossip is normally an insecure person who wants attention and group acceptance. They love drama, but they don’t want to be personally involved; they just want to watch the drama unfold from a safe distance.

They are happy to create distrust as they think it may help them to bond, and they don’t respect other friendships. Cut this person out as soon as you can, as you never know when you will be the subject of their gossip.

6. The Hormonal

The hormonal person has zero control of their emotions, and you regularly see them flip out or start crying. They react without thinking and they often lash out at their friends without feeling guilty. They often apologise after the outbreak, but they don’t change – as soon as they are annoyed or upset, they lash out again.

7. The Stuck-In-The-Mud

The stuck-in-the-mud person is happy to be stagnant and they hate the idea of change – even when it is for the best. They wish you were the same person you used to be, even if you are happier and more successful now. This is because they don’t actually care about you; they just don’t like the idea of falling behind everyone else, so they try to hold you back with them.