7 Toxic Reasons You Shouldn’t Think About Why He Broke Up With You


1. The real reason as to why the relationship ended will most likely hurt someone’s feelings.

Someone is always going to get hurt when it comes to breakups, and there’s just no getting around it. The real reason they broke up with you might be better left unsaid.

2. They probably won’t be honest about the real reason anyway.

In order to avoid the hurt feelings described above, your significant other might just lie about why the relationship is truly ending. This is when “It’s not you, it’s me” is usually recited.

3. Knowing why the relationship ended doesn’t make it any easier to move on.

Even when you do know why it’s over, letting go is a completely different issue. If you’re still thinking about why it ended you’re still holding on. Sometimes it’s not why that matters, but how you’ll take the next steps to move forward and be happy.

4. Asking why is an unending domino effect of questions that will never be answered.

If you’re asking why it’s over, it will probably lead you to ask why about a lot of other aspects in the relationship. Why did you tell me this? Why didn’t you tell me that? Why is the sky blue and why is the grass green? Just stop asking.

5. It will only keep you up at night.

A good night’s sleep is probably the best medicine when going through a breakup, other than wine and vodka, but both your eyes and mind will be wide awake if you keep asking why.

6. Your own well being doesn’t depend on why he dumped you.

Knowing why he broke up with you won’t change the fact that he…broke up with you. As self explanatory as that seems, you will not be better off knowing all the answers. If you’re looking for a therapeutic sense of relief, you’re better of just not thinking about him at all. Easier said than done, but focus on yourself, not him. After a breakup is when you’re allowed to be selfish, so make the best of it.

7. If you sit around sulking, you’ll never be the reason he feels stupid for giving you up.

He won’t regret giving up a sad and hopeless hermit. He will regret giving up a confident individual who keeps on living life despite those who may enter and leave it. Don’t slow life down because he left you, speed it up because you now have the freedom to be on your own. It’s okay to be sad, but keep doing the things you love in life because you should be forgetting him, not your hobbies,interests, and passions.