7 Traits Of People Who Are Strong But Not Yet Independent


There is a difference between being strong and independent. While the conventional thought may be that one can possess these two qualities, it could be difficult to recognize what each quality portrays. It is important to distinguish what it means to be strong and independent. Yes, you can be just strong and independent.

1. You have a voice

Yes, you have a voice and gradually you are able to comprehend your identity. Unfortunately, this doesn’t denote clarity and character. You simply know how to express what you know, but independence goes beyond passiveness. Independence is derived from action. According to Gurbaksh Chahal, a successful entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist who founded Bluelithium and ClickAgents, “the independent woman goes beyond finding her voice, she lives it in her daily life.” Gurbaksh should know this since he has worked with a lot of independent women in his journey “to create a world free from hatred, and ensuring everyone is respectfully granted their universal right to be happy.”

2. You are resolute

Yes, you know you deserve to attain certain goals. It could mean you are working 9-5 to get those goals attained. But it simply means more than being strong to define a strategy and cut the divide. It is one thing to be strong in the face of adversity, it is another thing to be result oriented and follow a systematic approach to get those things you desire.

3. You think you’re better than others

You think highly of yourself and show courage when others retreat. Yes, you are simply strong this way, because contrary to popular opinion independent people ask for help when they have to. They don’t seek everyone’s help though, they look for the right persons who will propel them to reach the heights they desire.

4. You are mean

Yes, you are fierce, you are a go-getter and could find your way through the fire. But to find independence you have to understand your own emotions and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Making a tough pose doesn’t mean you are independent anyways. Yes, you could show strength by never smiling and not tolerating b*llshit, but it takes independence to understand your emotions and that of others too and use such knowledge to map out your success.

5. You know you are strong

You know you are tough and reiterate this to others. Yes, you can boast of your strength and past accomplishments, however, it takes more to independent. Independent people are less concerned about scaring people with their strong qualities, rather they are concerned about bettering their lives with it and adding value to the lives of the people around them.

6. You are willing to go the long haul

Yes, you are not willing to let your guard down. You want to go the long haul and finish every journey you immerse yourself in. There is nothing wrong about this. However, you may need to throw in the towel or surrender for a minute to attain independence and freedom. There is no loss in letting the other person win, it may just mean you want something else and want a better life anyways.

7. You are a winner

You want to assume the dominant role and win it all. It shows strength to be a winner. Sometimes it can be a power play for you. But it shows independence when you can savor a loss and use this to find direction to places you should be.