7 Truths About Being A Blonde Female “Bro”


When people look at me they immediately see blonde hair and blue eyes. This puts me into a stereotypical category of the “dumb blonde.”

But as people get to know me, I fall more into the stereotype of “the female bro.” I grew up in a male-dominated family with two older brothers. Instead of growing up with Barbies, I received my brothers’ Legos and Pokémon cards. In elementary school I wore the uniform shorts and pants instead of the rompers and dresses. I was the quintessential tomboy with my hair slicked back into a tight ponytail and Nike high tops with elites just like my brothers.

So here’s the truth about being the girl whose appearance contrasts with her personality:

1. I enjoy watching Sunday Night Football rather than Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Yes, I am in a bracket with 27 males and myself. Just like you, I need to make sure my teams beat the spread and my fantasy team holds up this week. And come March, I’ll probably kick your ass in March Madness since I too love basketball.

2. I have a vast knowledge of sports trivia and technology.

I can—and will—call you out on your shit if you are wrong. The Bay Area is every sports fan and tech junkie’s dream: two NFL teams, two MLB teams (Giants have won the World Series three times in the past five years), the Golden State Warriors, Dub Nation, The Sharks, The Earthquakes, and the Silicon Valley.

3. I order whiskey Cokes instead of wine.

I actually enjoy the taste, and it’s the only drink that smoothly goes down my throat.

4. I work out because I enjoy it.

If I don’t work out, I have too much energy and cannot fall asleep. I can go outside put in my earphones and run for two hours without realizing it. This keeps me in great shape, but don’t point out my m’arms (man arms) or my six-pack. I’m actually self-conscious about them.

5. I will go to In-and-Out and order a double bacon cheeseburger and dip my fries into my chocolate milkshake and not regret it.

Not all girls have eating disorders and for those that do, we as a society need to be helpful and not critical of them. I enjoy food and luckily I have a fast metabolism where I have yet to worry about what I put into my body.

6. I don’t put on makeup unless it’s for an important event.

In all honesty I am too lazy and am very impressed with the commitment girls make by putting on makeup daily. But my mom made me truly believe we are all beautiful and we do not need to put on makeup to cover up our beauty. I put on makeup when I’m going to a party or the rare family function to enhance my features, but I keep it simple otherwise I’ll look like a clown.

7. I laugh a lot—and mostly at myself.

I love people that have a natural ability to draw people in and capture others’ attention. If someone is a good storyteller then I’m going to lose it and probably have tears streaming down my face midway through the story. As athletic and intelligent as I am, I have my moments. I tend to trip more often than others and have my fair share of “you’ve got to be joking me” comments. Don’t take offense if I start laughing mid-convo, I honestly find something entertaining or I am making fun of myself.