7 Unusual Exercise Programs Worth Trying


Everyone needs to exercise in order to be healthy, but most exercise programs are either too difficult for those of us who are not into exercising in the first place, or just too darned boring. If you are among those of us who simply hate to exercise, there is hope for you yet, in the form of fun and unusual exercise programs that aren’t the least bit boring. In fact, some of these exercise routines are so much fun that you may even forget that you are exercising. You are sure to be interested in checking out at least one of the following unique exercise programs.

1. Minimalist Fitness!

If you don’t like to exercise for long periods of time, you will love Minimalist Fitness. This workout program advises extremely short exercise sessions of a variety of exercises. For instance, you may do a few rounds of high intensity cycling on a stationary bike, 30 seconds of sprinting, and then a short rest. This is going to provide as many benefits as a two-hour moderate cycling workout.

2. Pole Dancing!

This workout has moved out of the strip clubs and into the everyday life of many people. It is fun, and you can burn up to 300 calories in a single hour. Believe us when we tell you that the hour will go by extremely fast, because you will be having so much fun. You can even work out at home with your own pole dancing kit X Pole Xpert Dance Pole.

3. Cycle Karaoke!

If you love to sing, why not combine that love with exercise to make it more fun? That is what Cycle Karaoke aims to do. You do all kinds of exercise on a stationary bike, all while singing your favorite songs. Everyone gets a chance to sing, and you get to work out to a fun karaoke session. Remember to use your “karaoke etiquette”. Always encourage other singers, even if they can’t sing. After all, you’re all doing this for the same reason, to have fun and get into shape.

4. Paleo Fitness!

This fitness program goes hand-in-hand with the Paleo diet. Basically, it uses “primal” fitness methods, or the things that early humans would have done for exercise, but to them it wasn’t exercise, but just things they did in everyday life. There are many versions of this program all over the world, and all involve doing things like hanging from trees, lugging heavy rocks, lifting logs, walking, and running.

5. Surfset Fitness!

You don’t have to know how to swim to enjoy surfing, at least not if you are using Surfset Fitness exercise program. You will be using a machine that looks a lot like a small surfboard, and there will be a wave simulation. This is a fun way to burn loads of fat and stay in great shape. You will get all of the benefits of surfing, but you don’t have to wait until it gets warmer outside.

6. Prancercise!

This is described by its creator as being a “springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation”. In May of 2013, a 5-minute video tutorial about Prancercise went viral, and it has really taken off since this time. This is a great program for toning your abs.

7. JumpLife!

Everyone loves bouncing on a trampoline, and it can be an awesome workout. This particular workout combines mini trampolines with neon lights and disco balls so you feel like you are partying at a disco rather than exercising. One routine is focused on cardio, and the other is focused on toning. These workouts are easier than running or aerobics, because there is less impact, and loads more fun to do.