7 Ways I Became My Mother (And I’m Only 20)


Everyone hears people say, “I sound more like my mother/father every day.” Well, I’ve noticed I am becoming my mother in more ways than one and I do not even have children yet!

1. I make lists. Lots of them. About everything.

I leave them everywhere. Also, I only look at about 30% of them after I make them. I watched my mom do this my entire life. Our counters and tables were always cluttered with her little lists on various envelopes and notebook paper. So I started making notes as soon as I could write. Today, my lists have taken over my life, but in a good way.

2. I have a medicine cabinet on hand no matter where I go, and I like to give medical advice.

My mother is a nurse. I was always going to be one until I took a biology class. But have no fear; I have spent my personal days in medical buildings surrounded by people trying to decipher my insides for 14 years. I know stuff and I am the nurse to my friends and family when my mom can’t be there.

3. I am a morning person now.

She is the woman who wakes up at 4:30AM every day, no matter what, and has the house cleaned and herself put together by 9—just in time to run errands before everyone else and be the first person to call the doctor’s office. There are days I do this. There are days I just wake up to enjoy the quiet. But all days I am up by 9.

4. I am most productive immediately after I get out of bed in the morning.

Why!? This is not normal. College students do not wake up after a long night of partying to clean and do homework on three hours of sleep. But I do. And my mother always has.

5. I drink too much coffee.

Now, I am not up to her two pots in the morning and one at night, but I am drinking Starbucks two to three times a day.

6. I have my normal voice and my phone voice.

Normal voice is lower pitched, less authoritative, and less respectful. Phone voice is the opposite.

7. I am incredibly punctual.

My mom is always 20 minutes early to everything, and so am I.

Do you see these traits in yourself as well? If not, how have you become like your parents at a young age?