7 Ways To Beat Your Writer’s Block


Writing for a living is not an easy task. Heck, writing itself is no easy task. I’m sure most of us have been through a time in our lives where we just can’t put our feelings into words. From staring at a blank word document, to typing and re-typing a tweet (and then erasing the thought of tweeting altogether), all of us have stumbled into a writer’s block at some point in our lives. It doesn’t last forever, and here are some ways that you can fight back when you’re feeling the block.

1. Take a break.

It could be taking a week long vacation or just a 15 minute stroll at the park, but the point here is to get both your mind and body away from the computer. Instead of a long drive, take a long bus ride and in those 20 minutes on the bus, try to find inspiration from your surroundings. In short, take breaks that not only separate you from the computer, but also take breaks that allow your mind to flow and your creative juices to start bubbling again.

2. Chug on caffeine

Did you know that ice-cream contains caffeine? It really does! Get a bowl of ice-cream or chew on a bar of chocolate. A rush of caffeine will recharge not just the body, but also the mind. With this newfound energy, you’ll be all set to start writing again.

3. Take a shower.

Don’t we all get the best ideas in the shower? Or just when we’re about to fall asleep? Our brains work better when we’re relaxed, so why get stress up over some words? Take a shower, sit back, relax and let your brain work naturally.

4. Do free-writing.

Write about anything that comes to mind. Write about your day or about whatever is bothering you. By doing so, you’ll give yourself a break while writing at same time. Getting your creative juices flowing is the first step in getting over your writer’s block. So what are you waiting for? Start writing about whatever’s bothering you!

5. Read.

Read a magazine, read the paper or read a book. Whatever it is, read. Bring a flow of someone else’s words into your mind and immerse yourself into the world of another person. This will not only take your mind off whatever you’re writing but also give you the chance to find inspiration from the works of others.

6. Write at a different place.

Writing at a different place does not always mean you have to travel very far. It could mean taking the laptop into the kitchen, or out to the garden. Having a change of scenery will give your eyes something to look at, give your mind a fresh start and hopefully help you get over that block.

7. Write for yourself.

Don’t write for the sake of attracting readers to your blog or for the sake of posting something. Write because you want to. Write about something that interests you, because if you don’t find it interesting, then how will your writing interest others?