7 Ways To Move On According To A Traveler


We always say that forgetting someone is the hardest part especially when you break up with your significant other but diverting your focus on positive things can actually help you. Moving on is the easiest part because there are a lot of things you can do and those activities will truly help you forget and move forward in life. While moving on may be considered easy, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to start a new chapter and forget about everything overnight.

There are a lot of brokenhearted travelers in the world and there are so many lessons that you may get from them especially if you are someone who is considering travelling as a way to move on. Here are the seven ways to move on according to a traveler:

1. Drink as much as you can.
Drink beer. Drink wine. Drink those pain away. It’s totally normal. You can’t just sit at home and think about how are you gonna get back together. You can still fight for the person but if they refuse several times, it’s time to step back and move on. Drink all you can. You have your own life now and you are now in control. Don’t let anyone stop you. Drinking helps for as long as you do it moderately.

Drinking too much is bad. You have to know your limits. Drinking is also fun when you do it with your friends and family. Have someone to talk to so you could release your anger and pain.

2. Eat and repeat.
Eat as much as you can. Devour on the things that you’ve always wanted. Treat yourself and be happy. Eating local delicacies in your chosen destination is a good way to get to know more about the place. Research about the best food in town and try them. You can also ask the people there so they could recommend you the best of the best!

3. Just keep jumping.
Jump! Literally and figuratively. Try new activities like bungee jumping! It will help you jump your feelings away. Release everything so you will be able jump to the next chapter of your life. There’s no turning back now so move forward and embrace being single.

4. Scream your heart out.
Climb your way up the highest mountain in the world. The road will be steep and rocky but trust me, it will be worth it. Once you see the wonderful view from up above, think of your pain and heartbreak. Use them as a motivation to move on. Scream as loud as you can. Scream your anger and sorrows. That’s one of the best ways to forget the pain. When you descend from the mountain you will feel more relieved and renewed.

5. Meet Strangers.

Meet strangers. Get to know people. Ask them about life. It’s one way to forget your ex. Meeting fellow travelers on the road is exciting and liberating as well. Don’t get stuck in the past. Learn to enjoy what you have now by surrounding yourself with new people.

6. Talk to people.
Talk to strangers. It’s not just about having chats with them and you’ll just go away without asking their names or the activities they’ve tried in your chosen destination. Invite people for a hike or a surf in the ocean. Communication is a wonderful thing!

7. Leave no trace (but still leave a trace).
Confusing right? Well, it’s important to leave no trace. You have to make sure that you didn’t do anything that would harm the environment. It’s important to know the rules and follow them. While it’s important and necessary to leave no trace, for someone who is moving on, it is also important to still leave a trace. And that trace is your heartbreak. Leave all the pain away. Don’t bring those sadness back in your home.

You will surely move on if you allow yourself to. You should not rush yourself because it is definitely a process that will take a long time. But travelling helps and it’s something that you should definitely try!