7 Ways To Recommit To The Road Of Self-Growth


Anyone consciously on the journey towards their higher self has been there — somewhere tossed along the side of the high road we thought we had been so clear on. We had been riding the train of empowerment, clarity, and strength that was leading us towards a healthier and happier way of being until something threw us off it. It might have been a slip of the mind into old patterns, a few too many sips of Chardonnay, or a weekend away with family leaving us with questions about our capability to change our ways. The road throws us curve balls and because we are human, we are subject to these pitfalls just like the rest of our kind. So what do we do when we have slipped into the ways of days we thought were behind us? How do we pick ourselves back up to recommit?

1. Forgive and forget. Just drop the thought — seriously. Focusing on your perceived shortcomings or stumbling blocks will only strengthen them. Don’t look back — you’re not going in that direction. Focus instead on the present calling that urges you to pull up your socks and get back on the road of your higher self.

2. Believe that there is a different way of being. Nagging feelings that underpin our belief that we are capable of change will only work against us. This is not to say that it is necessary to be confident about these shifts in every minute of waking hours, but we need to seriously start questioning our beliefs that hold us back from achieving our own inner greatness. Watch them and replace them with empowering thoughts.

3. Surround yourself with other self-explorers. While the work comes from within you, it is helpful to be surrounded by people who share a commitment to self-exploration and personal growth. It is easier to get back on the road of awareness, wellness, or clarity if we have a friend, family member, or partner who is exploring their own.

4. Harness a little more self-compassion. This starts with acknowledging the self-deprecating talk by the inner critic and replacing his or her voice with that of the caregiver, lover, or friend. Consider how you would speak to a friend struggling with the same challenges — would you hold the same criticism towards someone you loved and cared for? Likely not. This is where the self-love comes in.

5. Set yourself a wellness goal — and keep it small. We too often hold heavy expectations over our heads that are often more than we can manage for the time being. Commit to one small change that will facilitate your personal growth and let that be your mission for some set period of time. Start with a week or a month — whatever is both challenging and accessible.

6. Practice listening to your inner voice. Beneath the criticism and fear of inadequacy is your higher self that supports your journey unconditionally. Listen to its wisdom and let it guide your decisions from here on out as best as you can. This does not suggest that it will be easy to act on each of her higher whims, but the more we practice listening to our intuition, gut feelings, and heart-driven desires, the greater the sensation of inner strength will be.

7. Take it a day at a time. Forget about the long-term and focus on right now. Don’t worry about giving up coffee for eternity or meditating in the mountaintops into infinity; commit to what you can do today to support your growth. Your future self will undoubtedly thank you for it, but don’t worry about her. She’ll be there in each moment you arrive.