7 Ways You Know Your Best Friend Is A Perfect Fit


1. You can tolerate being around this person for an extensive period of time. Seriously, best friendship is based on the quantity of time you can spend with someone without feeling the need to go home or slap them in the face. Your best friend is probably one of the only people who don’t annoy you when the rest of the world does.

2. It doesn’t require much effort. The best best friendships are the ones that are effortless. They are the ones where you don’t have to painstakingly make time for one another, you just naturally fall into each other’s lives and schedules.

3. You generally get along. Any fights you have are more just bickering and are over in a few seconds. If there is something serious to discuss, you can in a healthy way. I always get a great chuckle out of those stereotypical girls who have “best friends” that they only go out drinking with then the rest of the time they spend bashing them/fighting with them.

4. They are there for you unconditionally. Especially the times where you’re too embarrassed to ask anyone else for help. The moments when we are most vulnerable are usually the ones our best friend comes in handy for.

5. You have similar interests/sense of humor. And it’s because of this that you so naturally, effortlessly fit into one another’s lives.

6. You don’t sweat the same small stuff. You need someone to laugh at you and bring you back to reality when you start being irrational. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.

7. When they tell you to write Thought Catalog articles about them and you refuse because you think nobody else will understand your weird but perfect
best friendship. This one’s for you, Ally.

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