This Is Who You Are, Based On The NYC Borough You Live In


The Bronx

You were the first borough so you are the first on this list. You are probably more old-school, family oriented, and incredibly street smart than non-Bronx natives. You know a good amount about gangs, are low-key a germaphobe, don’t consider the Bronx to be NYC unless challenged about the BX not being NYC and diss the Mets whenever it comes up in conversation. You don’t really wear what is trending, just what you like to wear and it’s not a bother. You know at least five people who are dropping “fire mix-tapes” this summer, and have a soft spot for hip-hop and reggaeton. You do what you have to do, use your slang freely and professionally, and are incredible at reading people. Most likely, you are a local or are coming from another part of New York. You were either born or raised in the Bronx along with all of your closest friends. You had to go to the Bronx Zoo every year of elementary school or middle school. You believe your borough to have the best pizza and the realest people. Tourist season means nothing to you personally, but maybe the Yankee stadium every once in a while.



Nowadays, Brooklyn’s got the more main types of people than before. The primary are those who were born and/or raised here. The next group are those who moved here from elsewhere. Brooklyn has always had a strong creative streak. Chances are you are incredibly collaborative and have a very eclectic vibe. You are proud of the Nets (except for if you are not from Brooklyn). You are more adjusted with some transiency in your neighborhood and classrooms. You are probably an incredibly trendy person who works to protect the individuality of your look, to the point that you iron your socks (if native), call your pasta sauce “gravy”, and aren’t afraid to fight for what you believe in. You know Brooklyn isn’t cheap, but you let people find out on their own. You are incredibly proud to be from Brooklyn and don’t want to be from anywhere else, but it’s not bad that JFK is right there.



If you are living in Manhattan then you are accustomed to watching runners run at all times of the day, no matter the amount of people on the streets as well. You know that the turnaround rates could give you whiplash. Your neighbors and your friends don’t stay nearby for long. It’s always a pride to say that you’ve lived in Manhattan for a long time. You know that most other boroughs see you as the more “corporate” one. You know that “New York City” or “the city”, typically refers to Manhattan. People come from all over the world to live and work in Manhattan for a while. You are probably mistaken for a snob quite often, and you might actually be, but you are okay with it. You most likely live alone or with friends (or strangers). You see tourists everyday, but during “rush hours” you are especially over it. But at the same time, that is why you love Manhattan. People always come to you…come to think of it, that’s probably what the space issue is about.



You are family oriented, because you are probably raising a family. It is a low-key borough, maybe the lowest in volume among the five boroughs. There is a lot of suburbia to go around. You love how low your crime rates are. You love your parks and how they can be overlooked. You love how secretly awesome Queens is. There is a lot of ethnic diversity which means food from all around the world. You probably don’t place a lot of emphasis on personal style or what you wear as long as you are comfortable. The local airport is in your borough, which makes it more convenient. You probably know where to park your car if you have one. Rumor is you may be the next “Brooklyn” in terms of gentrification and a rise in people moving to you, but you are hoping it’s not true. You like to lay low; you believe your borough to be the best that there is.


Staten Island

You take a ferry. Everyone else either makes a bigger deal about it then you, or they forget that you take a ferry at all and plan incredibly late night events. You have incredible parks, but your friends probably don’t visit much. However, tourist do because of the Statue of Liberty. You have a Yankee stadium too and you know it (and no one can take that away from you). Very family oriented borough and you love it. You are proud of your museums as well and consider yourself to be one of New York’s hidden gems.