8 Beauty And Fashion Trends That Were Made For Lazy People


I like fashion and beauty as much as the next girl. But one thing I don’t like is spending a lot of time and effort on it. Here is the great news: We don’t have to! There are a few trends out there that were designed with lazy people like me in mind. Whoever managed to make low maintenance trendy is a genius. 

I assembled my 8 favorite no-effort-required trends for you: 

1. Ombre

Ombre hair just won’t quit. And why would it? It’s the best thing that ever happened to cash-strapped or busy ladies. Who can afford to get their roots done every 6 weeks? Well, thanks to the ombre trend we don’t have to any more. We can go months in between hair appointments and just pretend it’s a fashion statement instead of what it really is: Being poor and/or too lazy to get it done.   

2. Grey hair

Is this real life? I could barely believe my luck when I started seeing people of all ages dying their hair grey. Just in time, since I have discovered my own first grey hairs not too long ago. For decades we have been dying our hair in an effort to look younger, risking accidents involving green hair, raccoon stripes or our hair falling out. No more! Embrace your inner silver fox and prove to the world that beauty comes in all colours, ages and sizes.  

3. Maxi dresses

Halleluja for maxi dresses and skirts. They are the most versatile, universally flattering piece of clothing ever. Not only that, but they are comfy as hell, shaving your legs is optional, and both men and women find maxis attractive. Depending on the cut and colour they are fancy enough for a wedding, but also casual enough for a picnic in the park or doing your grocery shopping. With the bright patterns and prints that are everywhere this season you don’t even need accessories – just throw on your maxi and you are good to go! I hope they will never go away.  

4. Birkenstocks

Who saw that one coming? Not me. When I think of Birkenstocks I think of granola-eating, tree-hugging folks who pair them with their favorite dip-dyed shirt and old shredded jeans. But, they are large and in charge, and everybody is wearing them: From Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr to SJP and Julianne Moore, Birkenstocks are all the rage. It’s the UGGs of the summer, and no matter where you stand on the Birkenstock debate, one thing is for sure: They are damn comfy. 

5. Thick eyebrows 

Another lazy girl’s friend is the thick eyebrow-trend. No more plucking! Throw out the tweezers! I know, I know, all the stylists and beauticians out there are currently screaming in protest reading this. They will try to tell you that you still have to shape your brows, fill them in, fix them in place and who knows what else, but I am convinced that the intention behind heavy brows is simple: No more grooming.  

6. No make-up look.

Again, if you care to listen to beauty experts they will give you a never-ending list of all the make-up products you need to achieve this look. But I choose to take this trend by its word: No make-up it is!

7. Slicked-back hair

I never realized how much ahead of my time I was. Throwing your wet hair into a ponytail because there is no time to blow-dry it? I always took this as a sign of bad time management skills. Turns out, I was setting a trend: The slicked back wet look is, well, a “look”. Apparently done on purpose, not by accident. If they tell me next that chipped nail polish is the latest beauty craze they will have to admit me into the hallowed ranks of the “It”-girls. 

8. Boho hair

Or as I like to call it: messy hair. Did you know that even the worst case of bedhead can be solved by simply giving it a name that has “messy” in it? It’s true. There are messy buns, messy braids, messy pony, messy side pony… the list goes on. I LOVE this. Another trend I have been rocking for a very long time! 2015, you get me.  

Ladies, times have never been better. Gone are the days of high-maintenance plucking, primping, buffing and straightening. We can now rock our unkempt, make-up free bad selves and still be considered trendy. What’s not to love?