8 Extremely Useful Life Skills You Excel At If You’re A Gamer


1. Driving Skills

You know you’re a better driver because of Mario Kart and Grand Theft Auto. You knew how to drive before you learned how to drive. Sitting passenger in a car with someone who has never played before is quite frankly risky business.

2. Music Choices

Your favorite songs came from the most bad ass games out there – hence why you only listen to rap music or killer rock alternative. You are a gangster and gangsters are cool. No poor music choices here.

3. Snack Time

You know the best snacks to keep you going and focused. You know the in and out’s of munchies, go to grabs and have Papa John’s on speed dial.

4. Time Management

You know how long it’s going to take you to beat that level and you carry that time management into your daily life. Someone asks how long you will be – you say you will be there in ten minutes and you arrive as suspected, right on time.

5. Judgment Of Character

You knew picking Toad was a bad idea when you really knew in your gut you should have picked Mario. Same applies to the real world. You pick your friends wisely, you choose winners only obviously.

6. Buck Hunter At The Bar

Challenge accepted. Drunk or not drunk you just showed all your friends up because you’re aiming skills are out of this world from how much Halo you’ve been playing.

7. Life Goals

Damn right you beat that game; you beat it to the ground in record timing. You’re all fired up and you walk into your boss’s office asking for that raise feeling like a million dollars.

8. Low On Sleep

Johnny over there is sleeping at his desk, you on the other hand are used to late nights staying awake for hours on end while you chug those energy drinks. Your stamina is better than horses.