8 Fine Lines Between Creepy And Forward You Shouldn’t Cross When Hitting On A Woman


1. Telling her you’d like to take her home upon first meeting her.

Take a little time to learn some information about her before you’re so quick to invite her back to your place. For example, her name, her age, and maybe even her profession. A little conversation before you ask if she wants to “get out of here” is very much appreciated. A girl will send subtle hints if she wants to go home with you, and if you’re not getting that vibe, don’t expect her to be racing back to your apartment.

2. Complimenting specific body parts rather than her overall appearance.

“You look beautiful,” is better than “You have a really nice rack.” Complimenting her breasts is creepy, complimenting the way she looks in general is flattering. There’s a distinction between being forward and being crude.

3. Talking about your sex life or hers.

Don’t tell her you like it rough or ask her if she likes handcuffs. If you two barely know one another she certainly doesn’t need to know such personal information about you so soon, and she probably doesn’t want to share it about herself either. Her sex life is her own business, and if she wants you to know she will tell you.

4. Buying her a drink with other motives.

Don’t jokingly tell her that if you buy her a drink she owes you a dance. She doesn’t owe you anything. No one forced you to buy that drink, and she most likely didn’t tell you she’d do something in exchange for it. If she doesn’t dance with you, kiss you, or give you her number after you buy her a drink, it’s because she doesn’t want to. Harsh, but true. You have every right to feel angry, but not to express it, especially not to her.

5. Telling her you’d love to buy her things.

This may work for some, but you shouldn’t need or want to buy her affection, and women who know this won’t find it attractive when you attempt to win her over with money. If you’re just meeting her, she doesn’t want to know your annual salary, so you don’t have to use this as a way to make her more interested.

6. Hitting on her when she’s clearly with another man.

Persistence is often times effective, but when she lives with another man who she is marrying in a few months, you’re going to have to forfeit. It’s one thing to hit on a woman when her partner isn’t around, but it’s unappealing and quite frankly disrespectful to do it when her future husband is standing right next to her.

7. Touching her in places she’d rather not be touched.

Don’t put your hand on her butt, and don’t “accidentally” graze her boob. If you’ve just met this woman, and are attempting to charm her, touching her lady bits is not the way to do it. A flirty touch of her waist or shoulder suggests you’re interested, a smack of the ass suggests you have no respect.

8. Continuing to hit on her after she says she’s not interested.

When she says she doesn’t want to give you her number, there’s no need to keep asking. She doesn’t like to repeat herself so don’t make her. It’s okay if you misinterpret her subtlety, but if she openly and directly says these words, “I’m not interested,” the message should be easily understood. There’s a fine line between forward and creepy, and it’s best for both of you if it isn’t crossed.