8 Gentle Reminders To Mend Broken Bonds As Another Year Ends


1. Sometimes time cannot heal everything. Sometimes the way the wound can finally start to heal is by accepting the damage it did to you, and acknowledging it for what it was.

2. We spend so much time running away from the truth, we spend so much time of our lives spinning excuses for not facing things that we ought to face. No wound is ‘too late’ to mend. Even if they have turned into scars you feel every time you think about them. Some scars fade with time too.

3. Tie as many loose ends as you can. That’s the only way how you’ll go forward. Acknowledge it and always go forward, “Where?” you ask, well to the place where everything is untangled and you’re not strangled by all the things you didn’t say or things you said but which were never enough for those who heard them. Let your words matter to yourself once again.

4. It is never too late to say the things you always wanted to say. It’s not about that they won’t change anything, but they have to be said so these ghosts that don’t let you sleep and make you sad, when you have every reason to be happy, can finally be put to rest and you can finally feel right.

5. Apologize for things that you should’ve apologized for, even if it doesn’t matter to them anymore, even it won’t change anything. Make these old scars disappear, these scars that won’t let you believe that you are capable of being redeemed. You are, ok?

6. Say thank you for things you always were thankful for but never found the courage to admit it, like tell your mother or father or both how grateful you are for all that they have ever done for you or tell your best friend, even if you’re ex-friends, that they helped you in some form along the way. “Hey, thank you for being my friend when I was so alone.” Or “Thank you for letting me be myself around you.” You don’t have to be belligerent just for belligerence’s sake.

7. Sometimes even if we cannot do something for someone to show how much they mean to us, a genuine thank you is all that it takes. “Thank you for being in love with me, even if for a little while.” “Thank you for being honest.” “Thank you for thinking that I belonged with you, even if for a little while.” “Thank you making me feel like I’ve never felt before.”

8. People who actually matter will love you anyway. But sometimes you gotta tell them how meaningful they are to your existence and how you don’t take them for granted. Keep reminding them that often. Say I love you sincerely, say it a million times. It’s the one phrase that can be never be said too many times to anyone. Don’t let bad people or bad times in your life deprive you of this emotion of being in love/being loved by someone/loving someone sincerely once again. Love is too important an emotion to lose or shun because of someone else who doesn’t know its real value, alright?