8 Little Reasons Why Being The Perpetually Single Friend Is Actually Awesome


Everyone is always so concerned with finding the right guy, being in and staying in a relationship. It’s almost as this society has set us up to not know how to be alone. We find ourselves on dating apps; searching for people on social media and even having our friends try and set us up. It seems that we forgot how much fun and excitement could actually come from being the single girl.

This is actually a great time to figure out who you are and want you want. You have the opportunity to date whoever you want, do whatever you want and be whoever the hell you want to be.

1. There is unlimited time in the world to be spontaneous.

You know how all of your friends are struggling to find time to do some of the wild and crazy things that they used to do? Well, that isn’t a problem for you anymore. You can do whatever the heck you want, whenever you want. You can take that random trip. You can go on boys weekend with your guy friends. Your life is full of unlimited options.

2. You can eat whatever you want.

There’s no longer any wonder about what you’re allowed to eat and whom you can eat it in front of. If you want to eat the entire bag of chips in bed, go for it. If you want that last slice of pizza, guess what, there is nobody else that wants it either.

3. Your social life is unlimited.

Doesn’t it constantly seem like your friends have to make there plans around the schedule of their significant others? Well guess what? Now you can make any plans you want, whenever the hell you want. There is no need to check anyone else’s schedule, only yours.

4. You don’t have to share the bed

Or covers… unless you want to that is. You know all those nights that you lost sleep over the other person hogging the sheets, snoring and taking up your side of the bed? That isn’t a stress anymore. Now, you can enjoy much better sleep.

5. You can flirt with whoever you want

You remember all of those times that you saw that really cute guy at the bar making eyes at you and you couldn’t do anything with your significant other standing right there? Well here is your chance. Flirt with whomever you want. Spark up a conversation with that guy you think is so out of your league. Guess what? Nobody gets to say anything about it.

6. You don’t have to shave your legs.

Or anything for that matter. Unless you plan on going out and having a casual hookup, this is no longer an obligation. You can go weeks without shaving. Who cares? Nobody is looking there anyways.

7. You are no longer the friend with relationship drama.

What a better feeling than knowing that you are no longer the one in the unhappy relationship. You are no longer the friend that is crying over their boyfriend. You aren’t the girl who isn’t getting a text back. You don’t have to deal with trust issues.

8. There is literally nobody you have to worry about except for yourself.

What actually sounds better? You get to go to sleep at night without worrying about why you didn’t get a text or call before bed. You don’t have to worry about what your significant other is.

The only person you have to be concerned with is you, and right now, that is the only thing that matters.