8 Little Things I Learned About Love At 28


1. Love is a mysterious celebrity. Perhaps the most popular subject in the world is love. It is featured in the most creative way in all of art but we never quite reach the bottom of it. It has always been mystical, intriguing, and elusive. Everybody wants a grasp of it, but not even the most notorious paparazzi knows where it resides, or where it parties every night.

2. Love is an arsonist. Falling in love demands passion. We are drawn to it like a moth to a flame, and we don’t stop going after it till we realize we’ve gone too far and its flames have already burned our wings to the ground.

3. Love is a spy. The secret to a lasting relationship is honesty, they say. Truth is the object of knowledge. But just because we are entitled to the truth doesn’t mean we always get to know it. The truth is sometimes painful, and secrecy is the best remedy to prevent us from a heartbreak after another.

4. Love is an entrepreneur. The universal currency is love, I was told. We are asked to invest into it. But like any commodity or service, it can be a liability instead of an asset.

5. Love is a gambler. Winning is an experience every gambler is aiming. But it is also what a casino owner wants to avoid. So the trick is to cheat and cheat, modus operandi after another, till one is lucky enough to get caught and sentenced to prison.

6. Love is a politician. Diplomacy is a key in politics. We need to smile and wave at all times, to convince everyone that all is well when, in fact, our heart has already exploded and turned into dust.

7. Love is a philanthropist. It is the paradox universally acknowledged that giving is better than receiving. Love is not always romantic. It co-exists with pain and suffering. And sometimes, we just need to let it go.

8. Love is a preacher. To love and be loved, we need to understand some basic elements: care, loyalty, discipline, and humility. Love needs to practice what it preaches. It needs to fulfill its promise—to give hope to those who endure and believe in it. And above all, people in love must not only have something in common but someone in common, as well. This someone is GOD.