8 Little Things I Wish I Would’ve Accepted Sooner In My 20s


1. Surround yourself with people who wants the best for you, cut the rest off.

Cut the toxic people off your life, they just don’t deserve to be there to witness your success and achievements. You can tell the differences between those who are excited and happy for you and those who are looking for jokes.

Appreciate those people and keep them close. If it means that you will be happier, go ahead and delete those people from social media and in real life. No time for the rest, you have got so much to work on yourself.

2. Don’t fall for the boy who texts you from time to time or the one who likes your Instagram photos.

Fall for the one who wants to have meaningful conversation with you in person.

We are in a modern world where it’s so easy to send and receive mixed signals and confusion in relationships. Don’t lower your standard just because everyone else is doing so.

You deserve someone who wants to talk to your face-to-face and actually make an effort to. Definitely not the one who shows up from time to time to send a “Hey, I miss you” text to hook up. Don’t fall him just because he read your Instagram story or like your picture on Facebook.

Fall for the one who makes plan to see you and spend time with you like a normal person. Show up, ask me out on a date, take me to the park for a nice picnic like a normal person would.

What do people get from texting behind screen and awkward in real life?

3. Take your time and set goals.

Take all the time you need to sit down with a pen and paper.
Write down the things you wish to achieve: perhaps learning a new language, perhaps learning a new music instruments.

Then make a plan, make yourself watch a 15-mins video in foreign language every day. Go sign up for the music class.

I swear there’s nothing happier than feeling the growth of yourself.

4. Realize that you don’t have to get everyone to like you, or to impress anyone.

People are going to judge you, people talks all the time. It’s a human nature to gossip about people. People want you to do good but never better than them. It’s easy to get jealous on someone else’s success and talk behind their back like they don’t deserve the success. But screw it, why do you care? You are never going to please everyone anyways.

Focus on yourself because the rest aren’t important to you.

5. Train yourself to be open.

There are all kinds and types of people on earth, everyone’s raise differently. You are going to meet people who you find completely nonsense and ridiculous. But keep in mind that people are different, that doesn’t mean they are weird.

We all have things to learn from each other.

Be patient to notice the differences, sometimes you notice your strength and most of the time, you realize your weakness. There’s simply not enough time to be pissed off with everyone you meet. At some point, you will just laugh it off instead of letting it get to you.

6. Travel.

We are only young once. Right now we have the energy, we have the time but we don’t have the money. Get that part-time job at a coffee shop, go teach kids once a week, save up and make it happen.

We are all confused at 20s, and traveling is a great way to find and learn about yourself. There are so much to see and experience. I want to be able to say Yes I have been there and done that when I get old, sitting on the chair showing my grandchildren the photos from the adventures.

7. Spend time and show your love and affection to people you care about.

We are not promise tomorrow, you don’t know when’s the last time you see someone. Tell and show them how much you appreciate and love them. It’s okay if you fight, but fix it soon. Don’t leave important things unsaid because regret is going to hunt you down for the rest of your life.

8. Don’t judge people.

You never know what’s going on in someone else’s lives, we all have issues. Just like we don’t like to hear gossip or stories about ourselves from people, don’t do that on others.

Be happy when someone you know is doing great, pull the person up if they need your help. Be kind because there’s really nothing to be jealous about.