8 Miley Cyrus Lyrics That Perfectly Describe Your Life


You and Miley Cyrus have a lot more in common that you might think. Like, not just being a whole bunch of carbon molecules shoved together into a flesh-sack. If you actually pay attention and REALLY listen, you’ll see that her lyrics shine HARD with universal truth. She’s got lessons to teach, kinda like if every animal in Aesop’s Fables twerked a whole lot. Check it:


1. “Party ain’t nothing but a party when you party every day it ain’t nothing but a party.” – Love, Money, Party

We’ve all had at LEAST one party. A birthday party, a tailgate party, maybe even a retirement party. One thing’s for sure – with Miley at the helm of this party boat, it’s never gonna be a pity party!

She also points out some very sage realities that not all of us are willing to face up to. Like, if you party every day, life ain’t nothin’ but a party. Cause like, you are literally doing nothing else. Don’t convince yourself you’re “working on a novel” or “gonna take up making needlepoint of bearded fairies for your Etsy shop.” You’re a party dude or dudette, so own it. Also, it’s a good example of formal logic:


IF a party ain’t nothing but a party

AND you party every day

THEN it ain’t nothin but a party


is like, the commutative property or modus ponens or something. You guys remember school?


2. ’Cause you control the game / So let ’em know your name/ There’s no limitations on imagination/ Imaginate” – Who Said

You go lady-woman-girl! You control the game!

What’s the game? Bocce?

No, it’s Life! Before it was a party, but we’ve moved on, gotten a little more mature. You’re now ready to take on the world. You are a special unique DNA strand, woven up into a flower. And you gotta let the world know your name. But how? You could get a tattoo of your name on your face. Or you could run out on the field during the national anthem and scream “I’m Courtney!” (this works if your name is Courtney) into the mic after punching out the person singing. Too much work? What about committing a heinous crime, like assassinating a mascot? Remember, there are NO limits on imagination, so imaginate.



3. “My best friend Leslie said ‘oh, she’s just bein’ Miley’”See You Again

You have a best friend named Leslie who’s always kinda just laughing and smiling in a bemused fashion, shaking her head when you do something quirky and waving her hand dismissively. She knows you’re just always kinda like that, you’re a real character! When people are like “why did she just poop in a pile of old leaves?” or “she got so drunk she flew a blimp into my child’s bouncy-castle”, Leslie’s always there. With a rueful laugh, she’ll explain it away. Cause you’re just bein’ Miley. Cause you’re Miley. Your name is Miley. Miley.


4. “Can’t you see it’s we who own the night / Can’t you see it’s we who ’bout that life?” and

5. “We run things / things don’t run we” – We Can’t Stop 

We (the royal we, in this case, who are also you) are the bosses. We own the night. We formed an LLC and purchased it after it was legally approved and plan on eventually having an IPO for the night.

We are about that life. We have no use for objects, cause things don’t run we. We run words, words don’t run us, so grammar can just SIT the fuck down.


6.All the way in the back with a tree on my lap / All the boys like to ask me ‘what you doing with that’?” – SMS (Bangerz)

You almost definitely have a lap. And the boys are asking about it! Or the tree on it, the pronoun usage is unclear. And you have a tree in it. It’s not a drug reference, cause that would be “trees”, and the boys would know what you intended to do with it, most likely. You are just getting really into bonsai. You recently watched The Karate Kid and it got you all riled up about it.

How did Miley know this about you? She just GETS you.


7. “Who’s that chick that’s rockin’ kicks?”Party In the USA 

You totally own, and sometimes wear, sneakers! (Or else this is the prequel to you being super into Karate Kid and you’ve been nonstop practicing your sweet karate moves.) Sometimes you wear them when you should be wearing other types of footwear, like onstage performing Swan Lake or when you’re assisting with open-heart surgery. And the Dancemaster, or the Chief of Surgery, cry out, wondering why you’re dressed so inappropriately. Also they don’t know who you are. You’ve either just wandered into these scenarios or made zero impression on them before. Hmm, you should work on some of this stuff.



8. “Hey ee ay ee ay ee ay”Party in the USA, again

Don’t even try to act like this isn’t you. This is sooo you.