8 Mini-Fairy Tales For Every Twenty-Something Searching For Answers


Life is weird, hard, disappointing, surprising, exhilarating and sometimes makes no sense at all. In the moments of confusion or seeming insanity, find the magic that make this crazy sojourn worthwhile. Here are eight short contemporary fairytales for 20-somethings that find the realistic magic in the broken moments.


How We Do
We’ve got liquid courage
Our own charming delusions
To get us through the night


Glitter and Glass
Drops of glitter
Shards of glass
Temporary Magic
Scars that last


On Poison & Pain
Take your poison
Make it mine
I’ll turn your heartache
Into wine
And drink it
Till I’m soaked right through
With emotions that are black and blue
And I’ll give my peace of mind to you


On Magic & Madness
Is it
With a touch of madness
With a touch of magic


Decision Maker
When your brain
Starts listening to your heart
You are seriously fucked

Big dumb clumsy heart
You know nothing of this world

Your wishes get in your way


I sprinkled glitter and stardust in to my brain
To blur the edges of cracked hearts
In unrelenting pain
And through my hazy view did refrain
From blemishing my soul with
Their bloody stains
Never quite knowing if I had gone insane


Pop Culture Fairytales
Pop culture dreams
And fairytale designs
You tried to break me
But you were too late
For my already broken mind

Spontaneous adventures
And lunches in the park
You wanted me to feel again
But it was too late
For my already numb heart


Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time
They met
A bunch of random stuff happened
They lived mostly happily ever after
But not with each other
Yet their minds often traveled back
To the time when their lives
Briefly overlapped
And they each wondered
What had become of the other.