8 Most Egregious “Abbrevs”


(Disclaimer: I have used all of the below during the course of conversation, so making fun of myself is included.)

1. “Totes.” (totally) I remember hearing this for the first time back in 2006. I remember thinking it was quite poss the dumbest abbreviation, but then slowly but surely found it creeping into my everyday lexicon.

2. “Profesh.” (professional) This might be an abbrev that I just created, but said this immediately upon seeing my intern arrive wearing a suit to a franchise agreement signing. (Used in sentence: “Looking so profesh!” or “Does this sheath dress look profesh?”)

3. “Presh.” (precious) This might be used when you comment on a friend’s baby pic, like “so prec!” Those extra letters “i-o-u-s” are a bit arduous to type, aren’t they?

4. “Cray.” (crazy) This abbrev is so cray that we forgot the “Z.”

5. “Ridic.” (ridiculous) Cringe. But I say this myself. Something about the hard “-dic” sound that the word ends with makes it ultra-satisfying to spit out. (Don’t read into that as totally inappropes.)

6. “Vulnies.” (vulnerable) From my favorite TV sitcom, The Mindy Project, where Peter asks Mindy, “Can I get vulnies with you for a sec?” (Used in sentence: “I’m feeling really vulnies right now, so please don’t take advantage of me.”)

7. “Poss.” (possibly) You are so tentative and unsure, that you don’t want to say the next syllables “-ibly.”


8. “Heart.” (<3) Not certain if this constitutes an “abbrev,” or a type of reverse “abbrev,” as it technically takes a “<3” and turns it into the fully spelled-out literal word. Seems completely counter to make it more letters and words on your end to state this, but hey – whatever floats your boat. (Used in sentence: “I heart this [insert object] so, so much.”)