8 Multi-Functional Travel Essentials Every Female Traveler Should Pack In Her Suitcase


There’s plenty of reasons why every female traveler should invest in useful, multi-functional travel essentials. For one thing, you’ll have a much easier time packing light if most of what you’re packing has multiple uses. These items will help you pack smart and allow you to leave extra room in your suitcase for souvenirs. Plus, when you travel, multi-purpose items can help save the day in a variety of ways and come in handy when you run into problems on-the-go. When you’re traveling, you’re always out exploring and on the run, and there’s not always time to make a pit stop back at your hotel room if you have a wardrobe malfunction, you need to fix your hair, or your phone dies. That’s where these types of save-the-day products come in handy. Here are 8 awesome multi-functional products every female traveler should pack in her suitcase:

1. Mezzi Phone-Charging Handbag

Every female traveler needs an extra-large handbag (we all know that one carry-on item plus one personal handbag means largest-possible-handbag-that-will-fit-the-most-stuff.) Mezzi has those extra-large handbags, beautifully constructed and durable – and best of all? These bags charge your phone. Mezzi bags are designed with an on-the-go female in mind, complete with a Bluetooth speaker, in-bag light, call notifying technology, useful device pockets and best of all: a phone charger which will conveniently charge your iPhone or Android three times before you need to re-charge your handbag.

2. FoxyBae Hair Straightening Brush

Love wearing your hair seductively straight? Traveling babes with all hair types will love this hair straightening brush from FoxyBae. Whether your hair is curly, wavy, frizzy or chaotic – this ceramic tourmaline brush will quickly leave your hair smooth, straight, shiny and flawless so that you can reduce your time getting ready and make the most of your vacation. Not only is this styling brush incredibly easy to use, but it also delivers fast results. The ceramic tourmaline technology heats your hair from the inside out, which locks in moisture and reduces frizz (and we all know how hot and humid weather wreaks havoc on our hair.) Bonus tip: Pop it in your tote bag for on-the-go styling (all you need is a coffee shop with an outlet to plug it in!)

3. Bra Converting Clips

Save space in your suitcase by only packing one bra. One bra is all you need when you have multi-functional bra converting clips. These handy clips can transform your bra into a racerback bra, or narrow the straps as needed depending on what you’re wearing. They even create more cleavage and a better push-up if worn higher on the back, and they’ll prevent your bra straps from slipping off, too.

4. Convertible Kimono Scarf from Stella & Dot

This versatile scarf from Stella & Dot acts as a beach cover-up, poncho, kimono, scarf, wrap-skirt or sarong. It’ll come in very handy during your travels, and you can create a variety of cute outfits using this one item. Plenty of scarves can act as sarongs, but few are shaped and sized in a way that they can also be a kimono or poncho. That’s why I love this poncho scarf from Stella & Dot!

5. The Sleep Styler

The Sleep Styler is a revolutionary new product that can perfectly curl your hair while you sleep, snooze by the pool or doze off on an airplane. It’s extremely versatile because it dries your hair, styles it and smoothes it while you sleep, so you can leave for the airport with wet hair and arrive at your destination with magazine-cover worthy, bouncy and glamorous curls. The Sleep Styler is also a great alternative to a blow dryer or an airplane pillow while you’re traveling! Since this product dries and styles your hair, you don’t necessarily need to pack a blow dryer or a curling iron anymore in order to have runway hair while traveling. More room for souvenirs? Yes please.

6. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap

Dr. Bronner’s soap can be used as a shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser, laundry soap, shaving cream, massage oil and more! Dubbed as a ‘magic’ soap with over 18 uses, it’ll definitely help you to pack light if you replace several skincare items with a small bottle of Dr. Bronner’s.

7. SeaToSummit Ultra-Sil Collapsible Day Pack

This roomy, stuffable and reusable backpack collapses into a tiny fist-sized pouch when you don’t need it. The SeaToSummit convertible bags are very useful for travelers because they can be used as a beach bag, a grocery bag, a laundry bag, a hiking bag – the list goes on. There’s always a time you need an extra bag on the go, and if you keep the compressed day pack with you, you’ll always have one. It easily fits into your pocket or your purse when you aren’t using it as an extra bag, and it’s ok if you get it dirty because the lightweight material is very easy to wash.

8. SandCloud quick-drying travel towel

SandCloud’s trendy beach towels are made of a lightweight, quick-drying Turkish cotton and they’re perfect for female travelers because when you’re not using it as a beach towel, you can wear it as a dress or a beautiful shawl to keep warm during that chilly boat ride. These versatile, multi-purpose beach towels take up barely any room in your suitcase and come in a variety of stylish patterns and colours.

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