8 Naughty Limericks Based On Celebrity Scandals


On her Instagram page Kim Kardashian
uploaded a shot of her ass again.
Yes, that butt fills the screen,
yet what’s truly obscene
is the way she and Kanye are cashing in!

Celebs all have sex tapes, now don’t they?
Just ask superstar singer Beyonce.
It seems she went crazy
over footage of Jay Z
that he filmed as some girl – – well I won’t say.

Sexting pix that they thought inconspicuous,
some Congressmen looked quite promiscuous.
After acting like simps
these members went limp,
as they lost the support of constituents!

The twerking of young Miley Cyrus
spread over the Web like a virus.
Then from wrecking ball hung,
in the nude with her tongue,
she made Lady GaGa seem pious!

His Beib-havior is clearly unlawful.
All the DUIs, drug use and brothels.
He’s an arrogant brat
but on top of all that,
Justin’s singing is still the most awful!

E. L. James’ tales of Grey have hot sex in them.
Lots of lusty (and lucrative) S & M.
Now purveyors of fiction
have a kinky addiction,
and they’re banging out knock-offs ad nauseum!

Simon Cowell, the X-Factor judge,
Gave his friend’s wife a wink and a nudge.
There was little suspicion
of their private auditions,
until Cowell had a kid to begrudge!

I think Robin’s head must be Thicke.
In “Blurred Lines” he sounds like a dick.
His wife Paula is hot,
but Robin got caught
grabbing ass with some tipsy young chick.