8 Qualities Of People Who Give Zero Fucks That Make Them The Funnest People To Be Around


1. You weren’t always like this.

Every bold move you contemplated taking used to be preceded by “what will everyone think about this.” But then somewhere along the line something occurred that you couldn’t anticipate, something that undeniably had people talking, in which you had no choice but to surrender. There was no turning back– over time you grew numb to what others said, and from then on your mindset was irrevocably changed.

2. You’re impulsive.

You’re liberated from the burden of second-guessing yourself, so you’re prone to acting on arbitrary whims without considering the consequences. This has proven to be both a gift and a curse.

3. You have great stories.

Following number 2, your impulses lead you to the strangest and most unusual situations. Your life feels like a movie and you have an entertaining anecdote for essentially any occasion.

4. You’re humble.

“If you are humble, nothing will phase you, neither praise or discouragement, because you already know what you are

5. Rumors and gossip don’t phase you.

If you’re immune to gossip about yourself, how could you be intrigued by gossip involving others? This has enabled you to create authentic friendships/relationships with others because you don’t harbor any preconceived notions. Rather, you form your own opinions that you derive from your individual observations and interactions with people.

6. Your personality has helped you get ahead.

You’re no stranger to taking leaps of faith, whether you’ve asked your boss about that promotion or confessed your feelings to your best guy friend. The universe rewards bold actions, and you wouldn’t have progressed as much as you have in life if you sat on the sidelines fearing the reactions of others.

7. Friends always trust your advice.

You’re provocative and blunt and speak exactly what’s on your mind. Friends don’t have to worry about you bullshitting them; if the dress does not flatter their figure you sure as hell will not pretend it does. Or on a more significant level, if your friend asks your opinion on her boyfriend, you won’t sugarcoat it if he’s not the one for her.

8. Life is so much easier this way.

You’re not apathetic; you’re still a person like everyone else who’s susceptible to sadness and vulnerability. But ever since you stopped sweating the small stuff, you became a calmer, more content person overall. You devote your energy to people and issues that matter, and for those that don’t? You shrug your shoulders and say “f*ck it.”